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Thread: Hokie Open?

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    Default Hokie Open?

    Not sure if Shane's going to add any to the mix, but here's a list of teams at the Hokie Open.

    D1's involved (11).
    North Carolina, Ohio, Old Dominion, Virginia Tech, Kent State, Gardner-Webb, UNC Greensboro, UT-Chattanooga, VMI, George Mason, Virginia.

    Thoughts, Reflections?

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    Default Re: Hokie Open?

    thats certainly at least a good a field as the BU, which he inexplicably decided to count.

    But its too late it at this point now that the draft is over. I would assume our new rule will apply where if your guy beats a top 25 ranked wrestler the match will count for scoring (using Earls rankings)
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    Default Re: Hokie Open?

    yeah, it would be nice as I would have three guys going but fair as Jensens said it didn't count ahead of time...

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    Default Re: Hokie Open?

    I think we should count it so that I can personally keep some of the other guys from scoring points
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    Default Re: Hokie Open?

    We'll use the "points from top 25 wins" rule for this tournament but it does look like a bit of misfire by me not to have included this one.

    It seems like it has eclipsed the NC State Open as the early season Southeastern tournament of choice.

    Plus I've got three guys (possibly four) going, and I don't want this to look like I'm trying to fix things to where I get an unfair advantage.

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    Default Re: Hokie Open?

    I think people are going to be surprised at how effective that rule is this year...

    For example right now VT has 7 of its 10 guys listed in the top 25 by Earl (although Marone is RSing.). So almost any win over a VT guy will count. Virginia and Kent State have a bunch as well I know.

    If we felt like overhauling the system I think we could change ALL tournaments to be scored this way, and not have a major problem (although I feel like the system is fine as it is).
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    Default Re: Hokie Open?

    "(although I feel like the system is fine as it is)."

    LOL...right, right...

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    Default Re: Hokie Open?

    The rule will mean tallying scores will take a little bit more work, however it also means that we won't have matches between top 5/10 guys (Leen/O'Connor from the BU Open last year was the biggest example) not counting for anything.

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    Default Re: Hokie Open?

    all tourneys should be scored.....there should be a list of those that aren't. personal opinion.
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