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    Finally some fruitful work being done here...

    Payton Sends
    141: #2 Gallick
    184: #14 Bradshaw

    to Grips for:

    141: #13 Ciasulli
    184: #3 Askren

    LoSt sends:
    174: #12 Manuel to Payton for 174: #7 Lee

    LoSt sends:
    184: #7 Caputo to grips for 184: #14 Bradshaw
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Grips makes out like a Bandit, Payton does a little bit of Shuffling, and I plug my hole.
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Default Re: Trade!!!

    The trades have begun -Last man standing !!!

    Dammit -I just realized how long it took me to put my entire years schedule together . Oh well, I gots nothin but time ...
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    If only someone could TRULY plug your hole.

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    Trade is good with me...

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    i want leblanc jensen can u maybe make me a trade for him me and my dad will discuss it k

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    Man, guess I never tried Gage's straight up approach. Shoot!

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