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    Now Cayle Byers may RS? Does that affect Jensens?

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    That leaves Jensen without a 197 pounder.
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    Uh oh, guess who will be looking for a 197 lb'er? Ouch.

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    I've got to decide if I want to wait on ISU to respond to the offer that I've made for Joe LeBlanc or pull out and try and fill this now immediately pressing need.

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    ISUs been MIA for about a week and he has 2 missing weights, I wouldn't hold your breathe
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    I won't have to worry about Byers for a few weeks anyway, so if it takes him a while it takes him a while. I'm not going to stress.

    Even if he does turn the offer down I feel good enough about my team to where I should be able to make do.

    Byers should score me some points here and there anyway kind of like how Letts did for Dart last year.

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