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Discuss Compare Your Team to Last Years Team! at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; 125: #11 Nick Bedolyn --> UR Ben Ashmore From a rankings perspective this is a ...
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    Default Compare Your Team to Last Years Team!

    125: #11 Nick Bedolyn --> UR Ben Ashmore
    From a rankings perspective this is a downgrade, but I think ashmore is more talented then Bedelyon and has a better shot of placing. This is an upgrade

    133: #10 Andrew Hochstrasser --> #8 Scott Sentes
    At this point we would consider Hochstrasser slightly ahead of Sentes in the pecking order, but going into last year he was very much an unproven commodity that I took a gamble on. This year sentes is already an AA and should be even better, so I would consider this a definite upgrade

    141: UR Alex Krom --> #1 Reece Humphrey
    Big upgrade. Krom was a sleeper who I hoped might have AA potential. Humphrey is a returning finalist who might win a title.

    149: #4 Darrion Caldwell --> UR David Greenweld
    Huge downgrade...

    157: #4 Gregor Gillespie --> #7 Steve Brown
    Brown is an AA contender but this is clearly a significant downgrade

    165: #3 Moza Fay --> #8 Dan Vallimont
    As far as caliber of wrestler I feel like these guys are pretty comparable, but Fay was definitely a better fantasy pick due to more bonus and a far weaker conference.

    174: #6 Mike Miller --> #4 Mack Lewnes
    Major upgrade. Miller was a top 10ish guy going into last year but nowhere near the calibur of Lewnes

    184: #9 Vince Jones --> #5 Louis Caputo
    Definite upgrade. Both are bonus scorers, but Caputo has an easier schedule and is much more of a proven commodity then Jones was last year.

    197: #3 Tyrell TODD --> #13 Logan Brown
    Major downgrade. However Logan will probably score me far more points due to purdues pussy schedule and the fact that todd was hurt and missed half the season

    HVY: UR Justin Dobies --> UR Scott Steele
    Majorrrr upgrade. Dobies was my boy, but he wasn't really an AA contender. Steele should be fighting with the other big boys for a title.

    157: #9 Jonny B-B --> #8 Tucker Lane
    I consider Lane a better pick at this point then JBB was last year, but its pretty close

    174: #12 Luke Feist --> #12 Luke Manuel
    #12 for #12, but Manuel is a far better prospect who should score me far more points. Plus he won't be drafted at 174 and end up at heavyweight (hopefully)

    141: #16 Andrae Hernandez --> #14 Garret Scott
    Massive upgrade. Podunk lucky AA to national title contender

    184: #20 Josh Patterson --> #24 Sean Nemec
    In hindsight Patterson is CLEARLY better. However he had an absolute breakout year last year. Going into this year I am higher on nemec then I was on Patterson last year.

    141: Ken Hashimoto UR --> UR Zach Bailey
    A guy who was potentially injured for a guy who might potentially be injured. However I think Bailey is

    Overall it seems like my draft was clearly better last year. However I felt very much uncertain coming out of last year, wheras I am much more satisfied with how this year turned out. Whether that is residual confidence from my title run last year I'm not sure...

    I dont think I picked 11 AAs this year, but I didn't think I did last year either and that turned out to be the case. I DO think I have 12 or so guys who will be in AA contention come march
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    Default Re: Compare Your Team to Last Years Team!

    So at 125 you are an upgrade even if your guy doesn't start?

    I gotta tell you, I am too tired to compare last years team to this one but if you want to do it for me, feel free. Good luck to you this year.

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    Default Re: Compare Your Team to Last Years Team!

    Compare this year's team to last year's????
    Nuts, I can't even remember who I had last year...........
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    Default Re: Compare Your Team to Last Years Team!

    125: Charlie Falck -> Michael Martinez
    133: Joe Baker -> Nick Fanthorpe
    141: Nick Gallick -> Chris Drouin
    149: Lance Palmer -> Matt Cathell
    157: Mike Poeta -> Anthony Jones
    165: Luke Manuel -> Dustin Schlatter
    174: Mike Benefiel -> Stephen Dwyer
    184: Mike Pucillo -> Dustin Kilgore
    197: Craig Brester -> Cayle Byers
    285: Ben Berhow -> Jared Rosholt

    Bench: Michael Cannon -> Kyle Dake
    Bench: Mario Mason -> Conor Beebe
    Bench: Dorian Henderson -> Ben Bennett
    Bench: Mike Thorn -> Eric Nye
    Bench: Brian Owen -> PJ Gillespie

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    Default Re: Compare Your Team to Last Years Team!

    How didn't you win more with that damn line-up Jensens?

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