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Thread: Post/Brag About Your Completed Team

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    I was hoping to pick up Slaton as well and have both but Zapp nabbed him right before me.
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    A bigger breakdown of Zapp Brannigan's Rough Riders

    125 #8 Brad Pataky, Penn State

    Kind of a hope and pray type pick. A solid wrestler who seems to have mental lapses. Big wins over Sanders last year. Could end up on the podium.

    125 #20 Andrew Long, Iowa State
    125 #22 Matt McDonough, Iowa

    Just a couple of "young upside guys". One of these guys will probably emerge.

    133 #20 Colin Johnston, West Virginia

    Once I got past all the 133's I liked, I decided to just aim for taking this guy. Great high school wrestler who was a little outhorsed at 141. Not as much of a problem at 133, but I don't think an AA is likely here.

    141 Joey Slaton, Iowa

    The "here's hoping" pick. A former NCAA runner-up, he's very talented, but there's no guarantee he even wins the spot, and even if he does, Iowa's had a few hiccups with this weight the last several years. Still, if Slaton wins the spot, I think he likely ends up on the podium.

    141 #18 Cody Cleveland, UT-Chattanooga

    The very solid back up to Slaton.

    149 #2 Lance Palmer, Ohio State

    The likely runner up at this weight. 3 time AA, and a solid all around wrestler. He lost to Ruschell last year at NCAA's on some questionable reffing, but beat him several times. Either way, other then Metcalf, I'm happy having him on my Fantasy team for a second straight year.

    157 #3 Chase Pami, Cal Poly

    Love this pick. My main man, Mike Chandler, graduated, and Chase is my favorite guy this year. I like having him on my team, a returning AA who had big wins over Adam Hall to win the Pac 10 and JP O'Connor to AA. I like him to AA yet again, in a cleared out weight.

    165 #15 Nick Amuchastegui, Stanford

    This weight is a hole for me, no doubt. Amuchastegui is a solid wrestler, and will get me conference points, but he's not a real threat to AA.

    165 #30 Conrad Polz, Illinois

    Underrated coming out of high school, he's underrated again. This is a pretty deep sleeper, and in another weight, I'd pick him to pull an AA, but 165 is just brutal.

    174 #12 Jordan Blanton, Illinois

    Had a solid true frosh year, but just was a little small for 184. At 174, I like him a lot, and I think he pulls out a low AA.

    174 #14 Mendbanga Tovuujav, George Mason

    Another sleeper type, a very unorthodox wrestler. I'm glad I have both him and Amuchastegui in my "How the eff do you spell that" All-Stars. He'll get me conference points, and a possible threat to AA depending on how he develops.

    184 #2 Phil Keddy, Iowa

    Likely finalist, and I like him to win the title in an emotional championship as a senior. He beat Pucillo head to head when last they met. One thing is, it should come down to Keddy and Pucillo in the finals.

    197 #1 Jake Varner, Iowa State

    Simply put, a wrecking machine if you actively try to wrestle him, and the likely NCAA champ at his weight.

    HWT #5 Zack Rey, Lehigh

    Very excited for this pick. He nearly AA'd last year, and another year with Santoro ought to do it. I don't think he's ready to challenge for the title, but he'll be in the 4-6 range on the podium.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Big Stiffy View Post
    I was hoping to pick up Slaton as well and have both but Zapp nabbed him right before me.
    What made you pick LeClere first? You feel he's going to win the spot?
    Jacob Schlottke---Gone too soon, and the world is a little less bright because of it. RIP, brother.

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    I would lean towards slaton personally, but I think either one is an AA threat.

    The good news is I have plenty of 141 pounders to trade whoever loses
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    Since Lost and Zapp are doing it, and I don't feel like looking up results for AA picks right now.

    #19 Michael Martinez (Wyoming): One of my major league sleepers coming into this season. Out of all the predraft chatter I didn't bring his name up once because I didn't want to put anyone on to him. Solid year last year as a freshman, and then had some big wins this spring over Zach Sanders in freestyle.

    #14 Conor Beebe (Central Michigan): Just a solid all around wrestler. Not going to blow people out of the water, but again a tough guy and his schedule matches up really well with Martinez's.

    #6 Nick Fanthorpe: One of the best guys in the country during the first half of last season highlighted by his beatdown of Joey Slaton in front of 16,000 fans in the Iowa dual. Then he got hurt in the early part of the new year and kind of slipped. I was shocked to see him still there in Round 6, and I think we see a lot more of that guy that we saw in the first half of last season during this coming one.

    #5 Chris Drouin: Returning All American from last year, had a bunch of big wins over name guys at the weight over the course of the year. Good schedule.

    UR Kyle Dake: Like I said when I drafted him, when endorsements start getting thrown out about being the "best true freshman at Cornell since Nickerson" I'm going to stand up and take note. Had a big spring this year in freestyle and has a great room in which to improve.

    #11 Matt Cathell: Repping it DE style here. In the matches that he's had against name guys the past couple years he has some big wins. Very excited to see what he can do with Josh Moore as his coach.

    #22 Anthony Jones: I mainly drafted him for his tournament schedule before the supplemental, but he's a guy that had a decent season last year. Not a world beater by any stretch of the imagination but he did have a win over Safratowich amongst some other guys.

    #2 Dustin Schlatter: Wrestled and dominated two of the returning top 4 guys at this weight class this spring in Howe and Reader. This weight is definitely brutal but I think he takes care of business here en route to his second title.

    #23 PJ Gillespie: Has a nice schedule before the supplemental that I can utilize when Schlatter isn't competing.

    UR Stephen Dwyer: Isn't ranked at 174 yet, but that should change very quickly after the season starts. He was always a tall 165 pounder so I think he makes the adjustment to his new weight very well. I said Fanthorpe being available in the 6th surprised me, but Dwyer being there in the 7th surprised me even more so.

    #7 Dustin Kilgore: One of several big name guys who very surprisingly didn't make AA last year, I think he comes back this year with a vengeance. Top 5 for the entire second half of the season last year until NCAA's. Spanked Patterson in the Scuffle finals. Lots of bonus points.

    #20 Ben Bennett: One of the best guys in the country coming out of high school a few years ago. Has a nice schedule with CMU, and should do good things for Borelli this year.

    #10 Cayle Byers: A guy that isn't talked about very much but who is very tough, puts up a decent amount of bonus points in his matches. Has a great schedule.

    #3 Jared Rosholt: Looked like he was going to run away with things last year during the first half of the season then came back to "only" finish 3rd. Title contender again as a senior.

    UR Eric Nye: Fills some nice gaps for Rosholt, and is a pretty dynamic heavyweight that could put up some bonus points in his matches.
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    solid team Jensens. I would like to mention that Martinez was totally my guy since LAST year when he upset Mustari in the conference finals, so I call dibs.

    Unfortunately I was too busy drafting top-ranked heavies to grab him
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    I gotta say that while I am more or less happy with how my draft turned out (with the exception of the last few rounds) I see a lot of competitive teams on paper here.

    This should be a fun year!
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    The Boondock Saints
    125 #11 Nikko Triggas
    125 #17 Ross Gitomer
    133 #2 Jayson Ness
    141 #8 Brandon Rader
    141 #16 Trent Washington
    149 #8 Cesar Grajales
    149 #19 Nick Stabile
    157 #5 Cyler Sanderson
    165 #11 Mike LeGante
    174 #1 Mike Miller
    184 #8 David Craig
    184 #14 Jerome Ward
    197 #8 Chad Beatty
    Hwt #1 Mark Ellis
    Hwt #5 David Zabriskie

    Don't know much about them but I bet I don't finish last. The one thing I tried to learn from last year is cover your bases with your bench guys. Figured backing up Triggas, Rader, Grajales and Ellis was probably the best thing I could do for my time and then nammed Ward at 184. I am "open" to improving my starter at 165.
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    Default Re: Post/Brag About Your Completed Team

    my thoughts on gophers team:

    125: Triggas/Gitomer isn't outstanding but it could definitely be worse. This might be Triggas year

    133: Ness should do fine and be in the title hunt

    141: Both of these guys have a history of injury, and its possible Washington redshirts this year. This is a very risky weight for you

    149: Very weak weight for you again. Grajales is decent but no AA contender, and he won't even be in the lineup until 2nd semester. Stabile will score you points and is probably favored in the ACC, but he wont make any noise against the notable names

    157: Cyler I actually feel is a very solid pick this year. His weight is extremely weak in the b10s (compared to being very deep last year in b12s) and I think the change of scenery does good things for him.

    165: I dont know who the f "LeGante" is, but if you have Mike Galante from Lehigh then you have a solid wrestler but no one to write home about and not someone I would consider capable of carrying a weight by himself.

    174: Miller has earned the #1 rank but there is no way in heck he keeps it. Hopefully he'll score more for you then he did for me last year, since he was very much one of the lower point scorers on my team and didn't even get a starting nod at ncaas.

    184: This weight all depends on how Craig does this year. He's shown flashes of brilliance but also a lot of moments of weakness. If he handles himself well you could have an AA contender here. If he struggles then Ward is going to do very little to help you back him up

    197: Beatty is another solid pick, I think he is an AA contender and should win a very weak weight in b10s this year.

    HWT: You have two of the top heavyweights in the country, but one of them might not even be starting and both of them are in the same conference. You have title contenders here but probably not a lot of regular season points given the schedules those two will wrestle.

    You have no gaping holes like me and Zapp do, but you do have several weaker weights
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