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Thread: Eastern Michigan Open

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    Default Eastern Michigan Open

    I'm considering adding this tournament to our list of scored events.

    Unless anyone has any strenuous objections to my doing so, I will.

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    Default Re: Eastern Michigan Open

    Mind posting the teams that are in attendance this coming year?
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    Default Re: Eastern Michigan Open

    CMU, Michigan State, Purdue, and Northwestern are all definitely there.

    Pretty sure there are some other solid teams there too. I'll go back through and get a little more detailed either tonight or later tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Eastern Michigan Open

    Can I wait to cast my vote until after I see how my draft goes? o_O

    Just kidding. Not the strongest field, but I guess it is 3 b10 schools + CMU (even if they are the worst teams in the B10) so I wouldn't object to adding it.
    Gold is an idiot.

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    Default Re: Eastern Michigan Open

    Navy is also going to be at EMU this year.

    Also looking at the Binghamton Open possibly too.

    May do one and not the other.

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    Default Re: Eastern Michigan Open

    I like it add it...

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    Default Re: Eastern Michigan Open

    Are we adding anything else? Like the All Academy Championships.
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    Default Re: Eastern Michigan Open

    I've thought about the EMU Open, the Binghamton Open (these are the two big ones), then in also looking around I've thought about the All Academies, and the NY Scholastics.

    I'm very heavily considering the first two, the second two I've just kind of thought about.

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    Default Re: Eastern Michigan Open

    I would vote no to the last two, I dont think that All Academies is any better then the PSACs and we took that off this year.

    I agree with the EMU open, what teams are going to the binghamton?
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