#1 Tournament Scoring for NCAA's

I think Jensens has already agreed to this one, and I think its inexcusable to do it any other way.

#2 New Keeper rule
There has been some discussion of this in the other thread, I advocate a split system that I dont think Jensens likes. I think there should at least be more discussion on this even if we end up with the same system,

#3 New Bonuses
Hodge Winner: +5
Outstanding Wrestler of NCAA's: +3
Gorrian Award: +2
Outstanding Wrestler of B10: +5
Outstanding Wrestler of B12: +5 (These give conference week boost to B10/B12 guys who are typically very inferior at conferences)

#4 Statistic Awards

Grips Proposed some of these last year, these aren't required or anything just some ideas for fluff

Most Weeks won
Wrestler who lead weekly scoring the most times
Most points in one week (Basically whoever wins Midlands :P)
Highest Average weekly placement