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    I'll wind up sending pm's out about this here in a few days, don't really feel like doing it right now so I'm just going to start the thread here.

    I'm going to reserve spots for returnees to claim for at least a week after I send the pm's out.

    There will be at least two, maybe three openings for the league this year. Zapp has already stepped up and said he wants one and since he was the first one to step up he has the spot, and I'll put him on the list when he checks in here.

    We're still hammering out how we're going to do the Keeper rule this year, so if you have any thoughts about that let me know when you check in here.

    1. Jensen
    2. Wiltz
    3. Lost
    4. Dart
    5. Zapp
    6. Gofer
    7. Trusty
    8. ISU
    9. TLV
    10. Grips
    11. Mojo
    12. Stiffy
    13. MatEater
    14. R.payton
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