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Thread: 2009-2010 Fantasy League Participants: Full

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    I mentioned in another thread somewhere that I'm targeting 10/5 as the first day of the draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    NO WAY brother LoSt, we aren't changing the rules now or I would have kept Nick Marable last year who I drafted in the 10th round the year prior. A keeper takes your first round pick.

    I would vote for draft week after 9/28 as I will be out of town at my class reunion the week of 9/28. I would do my best to be available however for whatever Jensens decides.
    Yeah. I think if you draft Marable in the 10th round you get to keep him in the 10th.

    Of course being Gopher he refuses the idea simply because it wont immediately benefit him

    If I'd proposed this last year you would have been all over it.
    Gold is an idiot.

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