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Thread: 2009-2010 Fantasy League Participants: Full

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    Poo... Well I've already offered my input, I think a keeper should take up the round you picked him in.
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    I understand that; so I'm correct in assuming that you'd be good with letting ISU keep Burroughs and only having to give up his 3rd rounder this year to do it?

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    Ideally I'd say there should only be a same-round keeper system for the later rounds (~6+), but I think I'd still prefer a universal same-round keeper system to EVERY keeper pick is your first round pick.

    I guess I dont have a SUPER strong stance on it, I just think 1st round is a little extreme.
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    The main goal I'm driving towards want is to reward smart picks in the later rounds. I think a 1st round keeper system just serves to lock up a bunch of the top talent more then anything else.

    Like for example last year I think someone grabbed Donahoe in the 10th round. He isn't wrestling anymore, but if he was I'd think that person should be rewarded for that pick by getting to keep him as a 10th round pick the following year.

    I understand your idea of making it a tough choice to keep someone, but I think its a pretty clear trend from the past two years that people fall in love with guys who perform well for them in years past. Which is why almost EVERYONE took a 1st round keeper, even though its doubtful that all of the keeper picks were necessarily 1st round choices last year.

    The reason I want a split keeper system (rounds ~1-6 and ~7-15) is that I think would make it a tougher and more tactical choice, as well as offering reward for later round picks. ISU could keep Burroughs as his #1 OR one of his later round guys in the later rounds. I could keep hochstrasser OR one of my later round guys. It makes people balance keeping a stud versus keeping someone who isn't necessarily as great but at a much cheaper price of a later pick vs their #1.

    plus it gives someone who picks up a stud late a double reward, which I think they deserve.
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    Dude I see where you're coming from, I really do.

    But my two goals with the keeper system are to encourage the shuffling of wrestlers each year, and to keep things fair for new people so they start out on as even a keel as possible.

    As of right now I think the system that we used last year does that the best given the fact that Dart came in as our new guy last year and finished 2nd during the regular season.

    Your system has the possibility of putting new people behind the eight ball a little bit by possibly taking some of the best guys in the country off of the board with little or no penalty for the person who keeps them.

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    I think Keeping the system the same but adding a same-round bonus for rounds~7-15 (could be higher if necessary, ~10-15) ENCOURAGES the movement of top guys more then the current system.

    Someone might decide that keeping a 8th place round 10 guy is more valuable then a 4th place round 3 guy that would count as his #1 pick. I guarantee that statistically less of the top 4 from each weight class will be kept if people have the option of picking guys from later rounds at same-round value.

    I mean how many guys kept people last season? Like 10? And we had at least 1 or 2 new people who didn't have the option to keep. Almost everyone is going to pick a keeper regardless of what system we have.

    As for keeping it fair for the new guys, any keeper system is inherently unfair to them. Thats just kind of how it is. But I dont think changing the system in this way would make it any more or less unfair then it already is.
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    But anyway I've offered my opinion, I guess its up to you and the rest of the league
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    Greetings ,
    I would like to go on record as opposing ANY trade deadline -in fact ,I think we should be able to trade while the matches are in progress . Say LoSt has Patterson and I have Caputo and they are wrestling the next bout in the NCAA's we should be able to go with our gut instincts and if we want to trade , so be it .

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    NO WAY brother LoSt, we aren't changing the rules now or I would have kept Nick Marable last year who I drafted in the 10th round the year prior. A keeper takes your first round pick.

    I would vote for draft week after 9/28 as I will be out of town at my class reunion the week of 9/28. I would do my best to be available however for whatever Jensens decides.

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