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Thread: 2009-2010 Fantasy League Rules Rough Draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dart Shark View Post

    I would be more inclined to consider matches against Division I competition only for scoring, and open up more tournaments. It does create a "luck of the draw" situation, whereas the starter from UNO (D2) is better than the backup from Oregon State ...

    This keeps the draft honest and thereby making people do some homework, and not beating up on creampuffs to pad fantasy points.

    Again, these are just some things I'm throwing out there. I'm open for more tournaments, but if you've got a guy in the Cowboy Open who beats a bunch of NAIA and JUCO kids ... it defeats the purpose of more tournaments, which could lend some credibility to the D1 only scoring scenario.

    I'm not married to any of these suggestions, but just opening things up for more discussion.
    My thought is to pretty much stick close to the tournaments that we have now, and then as I mentioned in the rough draft post grant points for wins over a top 20 guy anywhere.

    I do like the thought though as to where if you keep a guy you'll only sacrifice your draft pick from the round that you drafted your kept guy in.

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    Personally, I like the idea that only guys drafted after round 6ish can be kept from year to year. THat furthers the purpose of the "you only get to keep a guy for 2 yearS" rule in that it prevents all the top talent from getting tied up year after year.

    I mean what if you have a CLEAR #1 guy like Ben Askren in his Junior year? He gets drafted with the #1 pick and then the guy gets to keep him for two years. Is that really fair? Everyone knew he was the #1 pick, and pretty much everyone would have picked him first and then kept him the following year. That seems to reward the guy who gets lucky and draws the #1 spot, more then the guy who really made a good pick in the later rounds.

    So only letting later-round picks be kept year to year would be the best idea in my opinion.

    However barring that, I'd still rather sacrifice the round # of pick then give up my #1 spot. There are plenty of guys I'd keep with that rule but I doubt I'll keep any as my #1.
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    Its something that I'll continue to think about.

    That and I may put it up to a vote or something when I start pm'ing everyone about whether they're in or not.

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    Default Re: 2009-2010 Fantasy League Rules Rough Draft

    I (might) agree with not being able to keep guys drafted above a certain round, but in no way should that number be round 6. In Lost's case, yeah everyone would draft Askren if they had the #1 pick, but there is no way that would have an impact on who gets drafted 5 rounds later. At most, I'd say no one drafted in the first two rounds can be kept. By that time, all the "sure bets" that anyone would draft at a certain position are gone.

    And in the interest of full disclosure, yes, I am partly saying this because I got Burroughs in Round 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ISU2008 View Post

    And in the interest of full disclosure, yes, I am partly saying this because I got Burroughs in Round 3.
    Hahaha...I appreciate the honesty my friend.

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    I guess the problem I have with that is that Burroughs was a clear 1st-4th round pick last year when 157 was stacked , and is a CLEAR 1st round pick this year now that its not.

    Its not like you picked a sleeper, you picked a great wrestler who was already an AA, and through improvement and graduation he became the top dog. In fact unless I'm mistaken, Burroughs would probably be the #1/#2 overall pick this coming year next to Metcalf.

    This is all politics in the end though. Everyone is going to want the keeper system that they think will best benefit them personally (including myself). It does sound like there is a general sentiment here that our previous system is not ideal and that the keeper round should not take up our first pick.
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    One proposal I would put on the table for discussion is that:

    You can pick a keeper from any round 2nd-15th

    -If you pick a keeper from rounds say, 2 through 5 (exact number open to negotiation) then that will count as your first round pick.

    -If you pick a keeper from rounds ~6+ (open to negotiation) he counts as a pick for the round you picked him in last year.

    This system would let ISU keep Burroughs, and let others keep the respective studs they have drafted if they so desire. However it encourages overall circulation of the top guys by a) not allowing CLEAR #1 picks like Metcalf and Askren get gobbled up for consecutive years and b) Making it pricier to keep guys who are studs, meaning less of the studs will get kept and more would be available during the draft.

    I think everyone here has a pick in rounds 1-4 that they would keep if it was a same round keeper system. So if we go that way then it even further ties up available talent. However if we make 2-4 count as the 1st round pick then only people who have someone as good as Burroughs will want to hang on, making more top guys and AA's in circulation for the draft (which I think is a good thing).

    Additionally it rewards people who have made smart picks in the later rounds that paid off by allowing them to keep those guys at the round they were drafted at.

    Potentially we could even say that people get a possible two keepers if we wanted (one from the 2-5 range that would count as their first round, and one from the later rounds which would be a same-round pick)

    Another separate idea is that we could make exceptions for a new recruit. For example Jordan Oliver has very high expectations but is relatively unknown. If someone managed to grab him 4th round (probably wont happen, but if they did) it might make sense to reward them for taking a risk and picking a developing prospect. Even if Oliver didn't have an exceptional year lets say he improved a lot and looked like he was going to be in contention next year. Then someones use of his 4th round pick might pay big dividends the following year.

    This would get at the "developing of talent" idea that JBs first post pointed at.
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    Default Re: 2009-2010 Fantasy League Rules Rough Draft

    One question NOT answered by my proposal is how keeping guys from the supplimental draft would work. I'm open to suggestions on that part.

    One possibility is that the supplimental guy could basically fill in for the guy you dropped. IE you dropped 4th round pick for Scot senntes, then Sentes would be considered your 4th round pick last year for the purposes of keeping a guy.

    I see issues with this method though. For example I dont remember who I dropped, but I got danniel dennis in the supplimental for one of my later round picks. Would it really be fair to say that I could keep Dan Dennis for a 14th round pick? probably not.. And typically the drops done in the supplimental are later round guys, while the guys that get picked up might be guys who were sleepers or thought not to be competing at the start of the season, but are clear top 5 guys by the time december comes around (like Dennis).

    Another thing is that under my current proposal you would not be able to keep guys you traded for. This could be changed if people want
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    Like I said, we'll see.

    If I can narrow this down to condensed choices I'll probably just have people vote on it when I go around and check and see who is returning and who isn't.

    This is definitely coming up soon though, as I want to get the draft done during the first week or so of October, like we did last year.

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