Not including keepers. Looking at overall value relative to draft position

Round 1: Best: Kendric Maple-Next to last pick got an undefeated national champion. Nice job GBR
Worst: Matt McDonough-Herkey. DNP at the 4th overall pick. Can't blame you for taking him, but man he was not productive. I thought Tiger took Ness too early, but at least he placed/scored.

Round 2: 3 Champs taken this round. Jesse was taken latest, so I'll go with him. Good pick RD
Worst: Andrew Alton-Gold. Suspended a lot of the year, and mediocre the rest of it. Total bust for Au.

Round 3: I took Storley with the last pick of this round. I think it was the best pick.
Worst: Tie in my mind. Cam Tessari by Whippet and Sentes by RD.

Round 4: Ben Bennett was a pretty good pick by Buck.
Worst: Tie between Shelton Mack and Nikko Triggas by Yak and whippet respectively. Didn't understand these picks at the time and they never panned out like you thought they might.

Round 5: Mike McMullan was an awesome pick for round 5 by RD. Nice job. Tiger getting Kokesh this round was another really good one.
Worst: Andrew Campolattano by Gold was pretty bad. Bonanno didn't pan out at all for GBR.

Round 6: I got Garnett this round! Pretty solid pick after looking at everyone elses. Good bonus guy, won conference and placed 6th. KR had a nice pick with Hernandez here as well.
Worst: Levi Mele, Kenny Courts and Joe Colon by Gold, Yak and Herkey respectively. Almost no production from these guys.

Round 7: Yak got Dieringer this round. Good job.
Worst: Anthony Zanetta by Ga Coach. He didn't wrestle. Mario Mason by Buck is probably worse. He might as well have not wrestled..

Round 8: How the F did we let Matt Wilps fall this far?! He was 4th the year before right? Is that for real? Good job Buck. Also nice job by Herkey getting Meeks this round.
Worst: Justin Accordino and Grant Gambrall by GaCoach and Yak.

Round 9: Jon Morrison by Thaxton. Awesome pick.
Worst: Dom Kastl by RD and Casey Newburg by Whippet.

Round 10: I got Port this round! NCAA finalist in rd 10 wins it.
Worst: Theilke didn't wrestle, and Oscar Huntley didn't start. Buck and Gold's pick.

Round 11: Gold got Henderson here, nice one.
Worst: Mike Morales: KR

Round 12: Man, I thought my boy Brewer would be the best pick here as a FR AA(7) but Gold took Thomusseit, and Buck took Gadson, both were great.
Worst: Kaleb Friedley and Jordan Thome by Thaxton and RD.

Round 13: Steve Santos: COULDNT BE HAPPIER. 3rd place in rd 13 by me.
Worst: Tyler Small by Buck, Craig Eifert by Yak.

Round 14: Max Thomusseit by Gold. Good pick.
Worst: Jake Kemerer by Herkey.

Round 15: Mark Ballweg by Yak. Looked like an AA most of the year.
Worst: I'm not even going to pick one. Lots of these guys are bad. There's like 5 guys who didn't do crap(Longendyke, my pick being one of them).

Round 16: Taylor Massa by GBR. Took a gamble that he wouldn't RS and he won. Boyle was a nice pick by Thaxton too.
Worst: Miller and Gulibon I guess since they redshirted.

Good job by and large. If someone can help me figure out how we let Wilps fall so far, I'd appreciate it..
Worst: Ian Miller