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Thread: 2012-2013 Awards Ceremony: Love is in the Air

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    Default 2012-2013 Awards Ceremony: Love is in the Air

    The last three years, Mr. Lovers has been our runner-up. He just never had the right combination of grit, heart, or talent to be the top dog. I had a little joke in my head wondering which was more likely to win a title: Him or Tony Ramos. This year, I have my answer. Congratulations to vaisforlovers for winning this year's championship and immortality in the Hall of Glory! His victory did not come without adversity. Joey Napoli, his third-seeded 157-pounder, went 0-2. Bobby Telford defaulted out of the tournament after winning a match. However, it was a pretty wild tournament for many of us, and vais' team was strong enough to eek out a narrow victory over buckvader despite a few early eliminations.

    Winner's Bracket
    1. vaisforlovers 117.5
    2. buckvader 114
    3. yakrider 109.5
    4. Gold 107.5
    5. gobigred 92
    6. thaxton 77.5

    Loser's Bracket
    1. kr1963 107.5
    2. GaCoach 80
    3. RD149-2 73

    In truth, this was a pretty tight tournament overall. The top four finishers were separated by a mere 10 points! Over the last few years, people have gotten very good at this. I really noticed it during the draft seeing so many people make good choices. It's cool to see how this league has matured.

    My regret is that, frankly, I was a pretty bad commissioner this year. I took way too long to do scores and didn't participate in discussion much either. I feel like the league suffered as a result of it. I simply wasn't willing to put as much time into it due other priorities and interests. I don't want the league to suffer as a result of me. If someone else wants is willing to step up and commit some time to being commissioner next year, let me know and we'll talk. I'm not positive I want to hand it off, but it's a possibility if someone will step up and do a better job.

    Every year there are a few people who take a chunk of responsibility that makes running this league a lot more bearable for me. It's many of the same people every year. Thanks again to GBR for looking up scores, to vais for helping with the draft, to thaxton for looking up all the schedules to make a nice guide, and to kr for helping keep track of the roster changes.


    As an aside, I've been in this league for five years now. I have commissioned the league for four of those years, and most us have been around for at least four years. In that time, I've gotten to know many of you far better than I ever would have expected to get to know anyone over the internet. We've built relationships--I've even met a few you. Just twelve members, we are a small group. In light of that, the fact that two of our members, kr and tigerfan, are battling cancer is difficult for me to comprehend. I am young, and honestly, when I factor in the death of Jacob Schlottke and the struggles of a couple others, I see more sickness and pain in the friends I've made on this site than I see in my non-internet life. I don't know how to process it.

    I hope the two of you know that you are valued. You add so much to this league, and certainly more to those in your personal lives. KR has blogged much of his battle on this website. You have described suffering and healing, victory and relapse. I'm amazed at your positive outlook throughout the three-year epic. I really struggle to imagine this league without you in it.

    I pray that both of you be healed. I pray that the cancer be taken from your bodies; that you see victory over it. More importantly, I pray you know that Jesus, Christ, has won eternal victory over death for those who offer their lives to him. That man is sinful, and that a Holy and perfect God cannot live with sin. That death is the result of and penalty for sin, but that God loves man enough that he took the flesh of a man, lived a sinless life and paid the penalty for sin. That he died, but rose from the grave in victory over death. That those who take him as Lord can share in that resurrection and one day rise from the grave to an eternal life with God.

    Happy Easter.
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