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Thread: Conference Week Scores and Final Season Totals

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    Default Conference Week Scores and Final Season Totals

    Conference Week Scores:
    Gold 216
    gobigred 211
    vaisforlovers 202
    yakrider 198
    buckvader 194
    tigerfan 185
    kr1963 183
    GaCoach 179
    Herkey#1 167
    thaxton 167
    RD149-2 161
    WhippetGrappler 144

    Cumulative Scores:
    yakrider 1462
    vaisforlovers 1461
    gobigred 1440
    buckvader 1430
    thaxton 1375

    Gold 1233
    tigerfan 1211
    kr1963 1164
    Herkey#1 1136
    GaCoach 1123
    RD149-2 1006
    WhippetGrappler 963

    1) Italics represent teams that made the winner's bracket of the playoffs. All the other teams will be competing with Cashe Quiroga, Cam Tessari and others. To keep it fun, we will score all teams who submit a lineup for the playoffs, but only teams from the winner's bracket are eligible to win.
    2) In addition to the Big 12 tournament, Big 12 teams each had a dual meet this weekend. This dual meet does not count towards the the conference week scores, but does count toward the cumulative total...... except I didn't add them in. The way the spreadsheet works, adding them in would be very out of routine and more of a hassle than it is worth, considering the low number of matches. The playoff scores are such that, even if the first person out of the top 5 (me) had 11 pins from the Big 12 duals, those 66 points still wouldn't make a difference for the playoffs (I trail thaxton by 139). If someone really wants those scores in there, just let me know and I'll score them. I might end up doing it anyway just for posterity.

    Congratulations to those who made the winners' bracket! Let's get ready to (fantasy) rumble!

    ---Posted on behalf of Gold
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