Round 1 is tough because there were a number of champs(obviously) drafted in round 1.
So I went with who got best value out of their pick.

Rd1 Best: Logan Stieber-Gold-Tons of bonus points and a national champion, plus you got him with the next to last pick of the round: Honorable mention to KR and Frank and RD and DT.

Rd1 Worst:Another tough one, but since I used draft position as a part of the equation I'll go with JO and Thaxton. QW, Rey, Amuch and DSJ were all in the discussion though.

Rd 2 Best: Chris Honeycutt-Gold.

Rd 2 Worst: Scott Sentes-KR and Jason Chamberlain-Ga Coach

Rd 3 Best: Tony Nelson: Buckvader

Rd 3 worst: Andrew Alton: Ga Coach

Rd 4 Best: Tie! Dylan Ness: Tigerfan and Gelogaev by me!! I know he didn't finish the year but he freaking majored Nelson, and was a genius pick until he got injured.

Rd 4 Worst: Spencer Myers: GaCoach

Rd 5 Best: Chris Perry-Me

Rd 5 Worst: Dylan Carew-Hawkeyes2

Rd 6 best: Kendric Maple-Gold

Rd 6 Worst: Mike Benefiel-ACCboy

Rd 7 Best: Brandon Hatchett: GBR

Rd 7 Worst: Mark Lewandowski-AccBoy

Rd 8 Best: Bobby Telford: Herkey

Rd 8 Worst: Hunter Meys: Roper

Rd 9 Best: Clayton Jack:GBR

Rd 9 Worst: Eloheim Palma: Accboy

Rd 10 Best: Matt Wilps: Buckvader

Rd 10 Worst: Peltier and Lara: by Thaxton and GaCoach

Rd 11 Best: Nico Megaludis: Roper

Rd 11 Worst: Clay Welter: Herkey

Rd 12 Best: Pete Yates: GaCoach

Rd 12 Worst: Frank Martelloti: KR1963

Rd 13 Best: Hunter Stieber: Thaxton (Though I drafted Gwiaz this round)

Rd 13 Worst: Lots of bad wrestlers..umm..Greisheimer-Rd149

Rd 14 Best: Dylan Alton: Herkey(Why did we let him slip so much!?)

Rd 14 Worst: Frey: Roper

Rd 15 Best: Jesse Delgado: Hawkeyes

Rd 15 Worst: Killer and Caldwell: Me and KR.