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Thread: 2012 Awards Ceremony: The Big Red Machine

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    Star 2012 Awards Ceremony: The Big Red Machine

    In 1990, the Cincinnati Reds went wire-to-wire, the rare feat of being in first place for the entire season. They were led by the great Barry Larkin, managed by the fiery Lou Piniella, owned by the controversial Marge Schott, and championed by the beloved Schottzie.

    From the beginning of the season, those Redlegs just seemed to roll. They had fun. They sang songs, and they won the pennant. And yet, when the playoffs came around, they were not the favorite to win the World Series. That expectation was paid to the Oakland Athletics (btw, I like to think that my own team is analogous to the prohibitively favored A's…not that I'm bitter). Apparently, the Reds missed the memo and decided to sweep the World Series behind Jose Rijo's brilliant pitching.

    Understandably, the fans were jubilant. They congregated at Fountain Square to rejoice. Marge celebrated by smoking a ciggy in the smoke-free ball park. Schottzie commemorated the event with a bowel movement in the outfield of Riverfront Stadium.

    Somewhere in New York, a lad was watching. So impressed was that lad that, some 20 years later, he honored the Reds with his internet screen name.

    This season, our own gobigred had a fantastic season of his own. He didn't quite go wire-to-wire, but close. He seized the top of the leaderboard in Week 3 and, in Kyle Dake fashion, never let go.

    When the championship weekend came around, he was far from a sure thing to win it all but, like the reds, came up big. Fueled by title performances by Cam Simaz and Steve Bosak as well as a surprise finals appearance by Brandon Hatchett, GBR gained an early lead at NCAAs and swept the tournament.

    Congratulations are in order to our champion, gobigred. His efforts have been immortalized in the Hall of Glory.

    Finishing in second place is our favorite Virginian, vaisforbridesmaids (sorry, hawkeyes2, but quitting with a month and a half left in the season ain't the way to be). This is the third consecutive year that vais comes home from the dance alone, with trembling hands and a heavy heart. But who keeps track of such things?

    Winning the "Loser's Bracket" was thaxton. Per the rules, this gives him the rights to buckvader's signature for one week (see "Prizes" section).

    Herkey's performance was… not really relevant at all, honestly, so I won't waste any time talking about it.

    In addition to winning the whole blasted tournament, GBR once again tallied scores all year long. This is the third year in row he has given several hours each week to do this, so thanks again GBR.

    Also thanks to kr for helping with the scores the last couple weeks of the season (and also for adding up the scores for NCAAs) as GBR and I lost some steam. It was truly quite a help.

    Also, thanks once again to vais for helping me coordinate the draft. I think we cut a few days off our draft time this year. Great work.

    Finally, thanks to everyone who participated. The more people post lineups, trade, add/drop, and discuss, the more fun the league is to everyone. I definitely felt like this was the most competitive year yet, which is pretty cool. I think the scores agree with me--only 15 points separate 5th place from 1st place.

    Without further ado, here are the final scores:

    The Championship Bracket:

    GBR-132 (2 CH/7 AA)
    Vais-129 (2 CH/7 AA)
    RD-127 (1 CH/7 AA) + (including OW & Gorrian)
    KR-123 (0 CH/9 AA)
    Gold-117 (3 CH/5 AA)
    Buckvader 103 0 (CH/5 AA)

    The Loser's Bracket:
    Thaxton-113 (0 CH/8 AA)
    Yakrider-107.5 (0 CH/7 AA)
    Herkey-104.5 (0 CH/6 AA)
    Gage-70.5 (1 CH/5 AA)
    GaCoach-54.5 (0 CH/4 AA)
    Tigerfan-46 (0 CH/1 AA)
    Hawkeyes2-45.5 (1 CH/1 AA)
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