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Thread: NCAA Line-Ups DUE 3/18

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    Default NCAA Line-Ups DUE 3/18

    For the seven guys who made the playoffs, post your lineups here. Remember, we're all starting at 0, and highest point total at NCAA's is how we're going to do this.

    To start us off, here are your eventual champions

    Zapp Brannigan's Men with No Name

    125 Brandon Precin, Northwestern (You let me down, but coming on strong)
    133 Dan Dennis, Iowa (I semi-hate you).
    141 Alex Tsirtsis, Iowa (I hate you).
    149 Lance Palmer, Ohio State (Doing well, brother.)
    157 Mike Chandler, Missouri (Very proud.)
    165 Ryan Morningstar, Iowa (Disappointed, but also happy.)
    FLEX Jon Reader, Iowa State (Disappointed, but happy.)
    174 Jay Borschel, Iowa (Sooooo disappointed.)
    184 Joe LeBlanc, Wyoming (Pleasantly surprised)
    197 Tyrel Todd, Michigan (Disappointed)
    HWT Zack Rey, Lehigh (Proud of your individual effort, but Dudziak....ohhhhhh, Dudziak).
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