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    There are a boatload of quality wrestlers on the 8-11 finishers rosters -why don't we implement a supplemental draft -it would work like this -the leading point scorer for the last week would go first and so on -that person would have to give up a starter from his conference team for a wrestler from one of the guy's who did not make the cut .The pick would have to be a starter from the same weight class -every one would have a chance to strengthen their team w/out any shady dealings .
    One time shot -one wrestler per man ....the wrestler selected must be used in the line up for nationals at that weight -NOT as a flex .

    This is just a suggestion to make things more interesting and competitive .

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    I understand the thought process behind this, but I'm going to, on this rare occasion, make a unilateral "no" decision. The whole point of the fantasy season is that you build your roster and have it ready to go. In truth, our trade/free agent deadline was much further into the season, relatively, then in most fantasy leagues. Our lineups are set, and we're getting ready for the dance.
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    an interesting idea but I have to agree with Zapp on this one. Although personally I find trades compelling at any time in the season and I'm glad we dont have a deadline in our league.
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