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Thread: Rosters Frozen: accboy and Roper165

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    Default Rosters Frozen: accboy and Roper165

    I'm freezing accboy and Roper's rosters. This means they are not eligible for trades the rest of the year. Also, neither of them will be back in the league next year.

    I'm doing this because neither of them has submitted a lineup since Week 3. I warned both of them earlier this week that if they didn't submit a lineup, I would freeze their rosters. They still didn't submit lineups. It's clear that they don't care about the league, so I don't want them to be trading/dumping players as we head down the final stretch of the season.

    We will still award them points every week (though in acc's case it doesn't matter at this point).

    So let it be written, so let it be done.
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