That's right folks, with Midlands coming up in a couple of weeks, Tyler Clark of Iowa should be a hot commodity. I had planned on using him on my team for the week of Midlands because he will be a top finisher, but AJ Schopp has really been holding his own for me at 133 (and will be at Midlands) and I could use the roster slot for someone else.

Here are the top guys that will be at Midlands at 133:

Tony Ramos (who Clark has beaten a few times) TOM's # 2
BJ Futrell of Illinois TOM's # 4
Devin Carter of Virginia Tech TOM's # 5
AJ Schopp of Edinboro TOM's # 7

Tyler Clark was 6th last year at Midlands winning 4 matches....he should do better this year, I'd guess 1st, 2nd, or 3rd (bonus fantasy points!)

I will trade him to the first guy that posts a trade giving me two drop/adds for him.

PLUS - I'll give you a guaranty, if he doesn't wrestle at Midlands I'll trade back the two drop/adds for him.