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Thread: Post This weeks scores...

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigerfan View Post
    I give up. Both Amuch and Cooper default from the semis and take 6th? Quiroga out. Gambrall out. This sucks!
    Dude! You have a great team but many of them are hurt....

    125: Alan Waters, Ryak Finch - Waters is out....but Finch is performing well
    133: Cashe Quiroga, Zach Zehner - Cashe is out.....but now you have Zehner who had a great Vegas
    141: Nick Dardanes - He is really performing will be his big test
    149: Dylan Ness - He isn't pinning like we thought, but still performing well. He's got a bum ankle but continues to wrestle through it
    157: Jake Deitchler, Kyle John - Apparently Jake is out
    165: Zach Toal - He's healthy!
    174: Nick Amuchastegui, Eric Starks - AMU is out, report is knee & elbow but I don't know how bad. Starks....
    184: Grant Gambrall, Mike Larson - Gambrall is out
    197: Brent Haynes
    285: Levi Cooper - Cooper got hurt at Vegas don't know how bad....

    So 6 of your 15 are hurt....damn that sucks especially since those 6 would be your starters and they are all too good to drop (someone else would snag them)....

    Sorry man, but its a long season and hopefully those studs will get healthy and start to tear it up for you

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    I ended up with 136 points. Woefully inadequate for Vegas weekend. Either I have a great Midlands/Scuffle, or I'll be too far behind to catch up, AGAIN! Damn injuries.

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    Still beat me this week Tiger.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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