Zapp, I don't if you are ruling that trades are done, or not, so this sort of depends on you. But listen up, because this could potentially work for you. Actually, you're kind of the one I had in mind.

Right now I have 2 elite 133s (Kennedy and Hump) and 2 elite 197s (Chriswell and Herbst). I can only use 3 of them in my lineup, and it would be a shame for that kind of talent to sit on the bench.

So I'm looking to upgrade at 149. I currently have Steve Brown, who is ranked 10th. I will trade someone Steve Brown and one of my 197s or 133s (I would really like to keep Humphrey, though, because I like tOSU) for a top 149 pounder and whoever else you want to get rid of (I won't be able to use them anyway). Basically, I want a top 4 or 5, and I think I'm paying a good price for it. That way, you could have a great flex man.

Let me know of your ideas. I would really love to have Lance Palmer, so Zapp, let me know if we can work something out.