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Discuss How you liking your team? at the Fantasy League Gold within the Wrestling Talk Forums; They were doing this in the other league so I thought it might be a ...
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    Default How you liking your team?

    They were doing this in the other league so I thought it might be a good idea

    125-McD-I haven't even turned him loose yet.

    133-Garrett Drucker-I have no clue what's goin on at Ore St. or if Garrett is going to be the man going forward, this is the biggest question mark on my team but if Garrett is starting and healthy I really am glad to have him

    141-Matthew Bonson-Not sold on his upside but he'll be a phenomenal point scorer and conf champ. So far he's done his job and beat Kevin Smith who is pretty tough.

    141-Evan Henderson-Snagged him off the waiver wire. He caught my eye at the hokie open, and when he stuck Stieber that's all I needed to know. He could really break out and might even be an aa candidate.

    149-Mario Mason-The kid can be very frustrating but he has elite skills(when you compare him to the rest of the weight), a great schedule, and a win over the consensus number 1 guy.

    157-Justin Lister-My proudest pick. 12th rounder. Massive bonus already climbed to 5th in the rankings. What more can you ask for

    157-Josh Demas-I wasn't sure how Josh would do this year. I tend to err towards talent and upside instead of proven mediocrity in the late rounds and this one has paid off. Won the EMU open, but really made his mark beating Nicholson and obliterating Mock this weekend. Definitely glad to have him.

    165-Marshall Peppelman-A little bummed he dropped his match with Gillespie but it was close so I'll take some consolation in that. I think he has a bright future and can beat PJ.

    165-Robert Kokesh-Jordan Burroughs tweeted that Robert was going to have a big year, so that and his undefeated record are good enough for me at this point.

    174-Ed Ruth-He's the best 174 in the country in my opinion.

    184-Chris Perry-Saw a picture of Chris in his "Jordan Oliver Summer Camp" t shirt and now I'm all in(credit to Jensen for that reference). He's a title contender in my eyes.

    184-Nate Schiedel-I believe he lost in the semis to Clymer this weekend because he knew my team needed the wrestle back points. He will be a great point scorer for me and conf champ to boot.

    197-Cayle Byers-I have been high(perhaps too high) on Byers for awhile since I watched him at the Scuffle. I think he can win it all this year and have a Clayton Foster type of season. Under the radar, high seed and performs when it really matters.

    285-Z-I love watching him wrestle and think he's the x factor for this season at hvy. He'll be good this year.

    285-Gwiaz-Maybe my other proudest pick. I knew Gwiaz would have a nice fantasy impact but he's exceeded my expectations winning the Bing. Open. He is pretty impressive.
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    Default Re: How you liking your team?

    125 John Morrison Oklahoma State - I felt I got a steal on him in the draft. He is one of three guys that could beat McD if the stars are all lined up. Wins over Sanders & Kjar last year really earned my respect. Injuries sort of hurt his NCAAs but I'm hopeful that this year he'll stay healthy and do well at NCAAs.

    133 AJ Schopp Edinboro - this kid is an animal and has a great schedule for fantasy wrestling. I love his fire and think he is a prospect for a low AA this year.

    133 Tyler Clark Iowa - He is nails! Could place 2nd......might sit on the bench..... I give him about a 25% chance to wrestle at NCAAs so he is a high risk, but has a high return for just a drop/add.

    149 Cole Schmitt Wisconsin - Well, he has been wrestling well, but against soft competition. We shall see if he has returned to form around Midlands time...

    157 DSJ Iowa - National Champ!

    165 Josh Asper - Tough cookie. Good scorer all season.

    174 I had a pile of 'em Spangler - Let's hope he hits the mat soon! Munster at Northwestern should have the inside track at Midlands (home field advantage)

    184 Matt Ryan West Virginia - My newest addition. Decent kid. Good schedule. He will plug my hole at 184 until something better comes along.

    197 Matt Wilps Pittsburg - Awesome guy, I expect him to score big all year and AA

    197 Klven Gadson Iowa State - He is a beast reportedly...but hasn't hit the mat yet. I'm looking forward to seeing him rock.

    Hwt Tony Nelson Minnesota - Hwt is weird this year.....but he should still AA

    Hwt Elijah Madison Oklahoma - Two loses already, but both were in overtime. Kid lacks some conditioning (but don't all Hwts?)

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    Default Re: How you liking your team?

    Well, i like my guys so much i stole my neighbor's mail and ordered a gold card and sent all my guys a FULL BODY MASSAGE from MDME WU's Palace of the Clouds and Rain !!
    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    Default Re: How you liking your team?

    125 Waters and Finch - I like where I'm at here. Finch is my leading scorer through 2 weeks. Waters is a little banged up, but told me he'd be going to Oklahoma this weekend.

    133 Quiroga and Santaite - Disaster here. Quiroga apparently injured himself getting destroyed by Steiber and Santaite has yet to wrestle. Big hole here until somebody gets healthy and actually competes.

    141 Dardanes - Did well at Bison open, I'm excited to see him this weekend at BodyBar.

    149 Ness and Bradley - Ness is gonna be a force and Bradley was right with Loopy, who's unorthodox style is tough the first time.

    157 Deitchler and John - Jury is still out on where Deitchler is at, and John is a steady performer. Not great yet, but solid.

    165 Toal - Methodically took apart Mosier again, very slick from his feet. He'll continue to get better as the year progresses.

    174 Amuch and Starks - Amuch will score big for me, and Starks has a good schedule. Starks may be trade material.

    184 Gambrall - Slow start schedule-wise, which hurts, but I expect him to finish high.

    197 Haynes - At this point, he's a disappointment, but only slightly. Lost to Kissel due to a high school ref stopping the match as Kissel was going over. I've got faith.

    Hwt Cooper - Not great so far, but good schedule combined with big NCAA performer = Good pick.

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    Default Re: How you liking your team?

    125: Patterson is one of several guys at 125 who could make the finals to face McDonough. Doesn't score many bonus points, which is a little bit of a bummer. Zanetta has put up very nice results so far. Rupp is going to rip buckvader's heart out and give me another Top 10 125.

    133: What will Logan's bonus % be this year? Very high. Can't wait for CKLV. JO sucks.

    141: Neibert hasn't wrestled yet this year, but his match with Hunter should be fun.

    149: Sakaguchi will do well, win the PAC 10, challenge for AA honors. Not sure how good Eifert will be this year but the fact that I just added him has to boost his confidence.

    157: Dake sucks. Pena pins. Dake is my guy for NCAAs (and season, obviously). Pena is 7-0 this year with 7 pins. Dude is going to get me some points.

    165: Sulzer will be beating Peppelman and asserting himself as an AA threat in a few hours.

    174: Heflin could make the finals this year. Needs to open up his offense more, but there just aren't a lot of guys that will beat him. His match with Blanton will be very interesting.

    184: Max better get those RS thoughts out of his head. I won't tolerate. (Please Max! Pretty please!)

    197: Honeycutt will push Simaz for the title this year, and has a wicked schedule. Putting up bigger scores at a more comfortable weight. Chriswell was awesome three years ago. Helped me win my first title. Wondering what he'll look like after a couple years on an LDS mission.

    285: Barlow was disappointing with a loss at the EMU Open, and more disappointing by not wrestling today in the Body Bar. Step it up, Brendan.

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    Default Re: How you liking your team?

    Both THOMs wrestled ( and won ) against Michigan.
    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    Default Re: How you liking your team?

    I can't get my guys on the mat. Just like last year. SOB.

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