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    Hey guys. Sorry I have been horrible at this. I coach a high school wrestling team, work and go to collge. Thusly meaning I was delusional(and stupid) to attempt to have a fantasy team. I learned my lesson and won't play next year. I think my expectations were much like that of fantasy football. This is much more time intensive. So once again my bad fellas.

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    Hey it doesn't hurt any of us. It would have been nice to hear your thoughts and cool to have another participant, but it's not really that big of a deal IMO.

    Good luck with your busy schedule.

    I wish I had something real to put my time into like coaching a high school team...

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    a lot of schools are begging for lay coaches , hippie .Get off your lazy butt ,quit smoking the dope and go find a nice Jr.High to asst at -I did it through college and I am 1/2 the man you are .

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    It's a blast, states is this weekend. So pumped.

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