We did these from time to time last year and they're always interesting to look at.

Buckvader has talked an inappropriate amount of smack to me so he is my first opponent

125-Mcd WBD Morrison(I'm being kind) 3-0 Vais
133-Drucker WBD Schoppe(Beat him last year and no reason to think he won't again) 6-0 Vais
141-Novachkov WBD Bonson 6-3 VAIS
149-Mason WBD Ness Maybe this will change but Mason has a win over the top ranked guy. Ness doesn't have a comparable win at this point 9-3 Vais
157-DSJ WBD Lister-Could have been bonus, but same could be said for Mcd and Morrisno. 9-6 Vais
165-Asper wbd Kokesh-9-9
174-Ruth WBD Spangler(I'm being kind again) 12-9 Vais
184-Perry WBD nobody Munster going 74, if not, Perry would decision him 15-9 Vais
197-Byers WBD Gadson-Gadsons tough but Byers has a win over the National champ last year. 18-9
285-Nelson Wbd Z 18-12
Flex Too soon to tell who he'd put out there So I'll just leave it a wash

18-12 Buck. I'm sure you'd contend that Mason wouldn't beat Ness, but I'm not ready to crown him just yet!