Hows your team doing at the Midlands after day one?

125 Falck - Conso's; vs Ben Ashmore most likely to Inj Def.
133 Fanthorpe - Semi's; Vs Steve Bell
141 Jantzen - Conso's; Lost to Tanelli in qtrs.
141 LeClere - Conso's; Vs Hohen
165 Fay - Conso's; Lost to Howe a true freshman in qtrs
174 Burk - Inj Def out of tourney
184 Keddy - Semi's; Vs Caputo
197 Anderson - Conso's; Lost to Brandvold. Is still alive.
HWT Erekson - Semi's; Looking good. Vs Sheaffer of Pitt.

9 entered tournament
7 or 8(Falck) still alive
4 or 5(Falck) in consolation rounds
3 in semifinals
1 or 2(Falck) inj def