Gold did this in the middle of the year. Thought it'd be cool to do another.

Rd 1

Best: Jordan Burroughs-Gobigred

Worst: Kirk Smith-Thaxton Honorable mention goes to Darrion Caldwell and ACCboy

Rd 2-6 national champs chosen!

Best: I'm calling a tie between all the undefeated National champs:

Jon Reader-Rd149. Jordan Oliver-Kennesaw State. Kellen Russell-Thaxton.

Worst-Chris Perry-Herkey

RD 3

Best: Anthony Robles-Thaxton

Worst: Logan Stieber-Rd149-2

Rd 4

Best: Clayton Foster-Vaisforlovers

Worst: Germaine Lindsey-KR1963

Rd 5

Best: Boris Novachkov-Herkey #1.

Worst: Filip Novachkov-Rd149-2

Rd 6

Best: Tyler Caldwell-Kennesaw State

Worst: JARION BEETS!!!-RD149-2

RD 7

Best: Steve Bosak-Gobigred

Worst: Cashe Quiroga-Tigerfan Honorable mention Nate Moore-Herkey

Rd 8

Best: Ed Ruth-Vaisforlovers

Worst: Jake Deitchler-Buckvader. Honorable Mention Brandon Rader-UGLY

Rd 9

Best: Grant Gambrall-Kennesaw State

Worst: Jake Kerr-Herkey #1

Rd 10

Best: Josh Asper-Buckvader

Worst: Dylan Carew-Tigerfan

Rd 11

Best: Devin Carter-Gold

Worst: Alex Meade: Herkey#1

Rd 12

Best: Ben Kjar-Ugly

Worst: Lee Munster-Buckvader

Rd 13

Best: Andrew Nadhir-Kennesaw State

Worst: Sam Sherlock-KR1963

Rd 14

Best: Ganbayar Sanjaa-Gold Hon. Mention Montell Marion-Herkey

Worst: Alec Ortiz-Buckvader

Rd 15:

Best: Ricky Alcala-Thaxton

Worst: Ben Ashmore-Ugly

Most Best:

Kennesaw State:4
RD149: 1
Herkey: 1

Most Worst:

RD149-2: 3
Herkey: 3
KR: 2
Tiger: 2