I think my draws generally slanted to the not-good side.

125: #8 Jarrod Patterson
I give this guy a decent shot at beating most everyone, but he can also lose to more people than he should. First round SHOULD be fine, then he probably faces Morrison. If Morrison is healthy, this is a tossup. Even if he wins that, he will be fighting to prevent bonus points against Robles in the quarters.

133: #10 Rollie Peterkin
Rollie hasn't finished the season strong. Flint Ray poses an upset threat in the first round, and then he would have Futrell in the second round. He wins that, he's got Hochstrasser. The first three rounds could only have gotten a little tougher for a seeded wrestler in this weight.

141: #4 Jimmy Kennedy
What a crappy draw. He should definitely breeze through the first two rounds, but how do Kennedy, Russell and Marion all end up on the same half?!?! Marion in the quarters, Russell in the semis. If he wins this weight, he will certainly have earned it.

149: #2 Frank Molinaro
This maybe makes up for Kennedy's draw. The only thing that sucks about this draw is that Mason is in his quarter-bracket, and Mason seems to give him some trouble. Penn State got great draws across the board....

157: #3 David Taylor
...with the exception of Taylor. If he wasn't such a scoring machine, I'd be pretty pissed about this draw. An undefeated bonus machine gets 10th-ranked Erisman in the first round? Then St. John in the quarters? Fittery in the semis? It's not a crazy tough weight, but that's pretty much the toughest draw he could have given the weight class.

165: #2 Andrew Howe
Nothing terrible about this draw. About what I expected and it's a weak weight. It would be rather surprising to see him lose before the semis, even with his injury.

174: #4 Colby Covington
Going through Chris Henrich and Jon Reader is certainly not a cakewalk. It's about what I expected though--probably would have been the same even if Henrich hadn't been upset by Letts.

184: #1 Chris Honeycutt
The top bracket is waaaayyy more crowded than the bottom. Which bodes well for my other 184 (you know, the #2 seed), but Honeycutt got the shaft. He's got to face the winner of Wright and Steinhaus. Then, if he wins that, he's got the winner of Rutt and Leblanc! Crazy! Bosak is so lucky he got the #3 seed over Rutt.

Flex: #2 Robert Hamlin
Hamlin's draw is actually great (thanks to Honeycutt's being so tough). Both of his matches with Bosak have been razor tight, so I'm a little worried about that, but I really can't be complaining about this.

197: #4 Dustin Kilgore
Sucks that we have to see what would be an awesome finals in the semis. It's Dustin's own fault, though, and it's not like he doesn't have a winning record against Simaz. Gotta get that one.

285: #8 Tony Nelson
Terribly tough draw for both he and Cameron Wade. Nelson has Brantley in the first round (who is big enough to counter a lot of Nelson's strength stuff), Wade in the second, and then Rey in the quarters. Ouch.