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Discuss Stop the presses! at the Fantasy League Gold within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Look under TRADE-12/4 Gold and I traded then , I alerted you and you told ...
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    Default Re: Stop the presses!

    Look under TRADE-12/4 Gold and I traded then , I alerted you and you told me to post it . I only had Hoehn for a week or two then saw that tigerfan wanted a 141 lber and worked out a trade with him -for A 174 lber from App. St.-Trotman .
    I understand that CK has been busy with other things so this is understandable as he hasn't been keeping up with the rosters -when Tigerfan first approached me I asked him to wait a week since Hoehn was wrestling 4 matches for me -then we made the deal ..
    If you also look under waivers page on 12/4 Gold dropped someone and picked up Hoehn and then traded him to me for Chriswell-
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    I thought that was what happened. Appears to have just been a miscommunication on the Roster updates. No harm, no foul. This isn't a computerized operation, it's a human input operation. Moving on...
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    Suuuuuuuuuuure thats what happend

    r.payton is a big fat cheater.

    We should take away all of his, gold's, and tigerfan's points for this blatant disregard. They probably all use starcaps too, just another reason.

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