Ok, before Herkey cries let me explain. This will analyze head to head who will place higher at NCAAs. The guy who will place higher will net his team 1.

Vais v. GBR
125- Jon Morrison v. Brandon Precin-AA v. Title contender. Ad Precin-1-GBR
133-Jordan Oliver v. Kyle Hutter-Can I get 2 for this one? Ad. Oliver-1-VA
141-Chris Diaz v. Tyler Nauman-Neither have set the world on fire, but Diaz has been dreadful. Ad Nauman-2-GBR
149-Mario Mason v. Kevin Levalley-Well my guy won their only meeting. Levalley has had a nice year for himself, but I'm going to give this one to me on the basis that Mario had been ill his last few matches. Ad Mason-2-VAis
157-Jason Welch v. Jesse Dong-Two pretty flakey guys. Both have weird losses and probably share their best win. Both beat Paul Young. I'll go w/ the guy who doesnt wrestle for VT. 3-Vais.
165-Tyler Caldwell v. Jordan Burroughs-Burroughs in a laugher-3-GBR
174-Ed Ruth v. Ben Bennett-Ruth could win. Bennett should aa-4-VAis
184-Grant Gambrall v. Steve Bosak-Bosak has looked awesome4-GBR.
197-Clayton Foster v. Cam Simaz-Well Foster has had a great year and is undefeated. While Simaz has a loss, he also has wrestled better competition. I'll give this one to GBR because I gave myself 157. 5-GBR
285-Zach Rey v. Ryan Tomei-Rey has been the man all year. Tomei has had a nice year though. 5-VAis
Flex-Burak/Lofthouse v. Perelli? Not sure who his flex is but I have the clear ncaa advantage. 6-Vais

6-5 with a few close ones and a few laughers.

GBR has 4 title contenders(Precin,Burroughs,Bosak,Simaz) As do I (Oliver,Ruth,Foster,Rey)