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Thread: NCAA Tournament Duals

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    Default NCAA Tournament Duals

    Ok, before Herkey cries let me explain. This will analyze head to head who will place higher at NCAAs. The guy who will place higher will net his team 1.

    Vais v. GBR
    125- Jon Morrison v. Brandon Precin-AA v. Title contender. Ad Precin-1-GBR
    133-Jordan Oliver v. Kyle Hutter-Can I get 2 for this one? Ad. Oliver-1-VA
    141-Chris Diaz v. Tyler Nauman-Neither have set the world on fire, but Diaz has been dreadful. Ad Nauman-2-GBR
    149-Mario Mason v. Kevin Levalley-Well my guy won their only meeting. Levalley has had a nice year for himself, but I'm going to give this one to me on the basis that Mario had been ill his last few matches. Ad Mason-2-VAis
    157-Jason Welch v. Jesse Dong-Two pretty flakey guys. Both have weird losses and probably share their best win. Both beat Paul Young. I'll go w/ the guy who doesnt wrestle for VT. 3-Vais.
    165-Tyler Caldwell v. Jordan Burroughs-Burroughs in a laugher-3-GBR
    174-Ed Ruth v. Ben Bennett-Ruth could win. Bennett should aa-4-VAis
    184-Grant Gambrall v. Steve Bosak-Bosak has looked awesome4-GBR.
    197-Clayton Foster v. Cam Simaz-Well Foster has had a great year and is undefeated. While Simaz has a loss, he also has wrestled better competition. I'll give this one to GBR because I gave myself 157. 5-GBR
    285-Zach Rey v. Ryan Tomei-Rey has been the man all year. Tomei has had a nice year though. 5-VAis
    Flex-Burak/Lofthouse v. Perelli? Not sure who his flex is but I have the clear ncaa advantage. 6-Vais

    6-5 with a few close ones and a few laughers.

    GBR has 4 title contenders(Precin,Burroughs,Bosak,Simaz) As do I (Oliver,Ruth,Foster,Rey)
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    Default Re: NCAA Tournament Duals

    Vais v. Gold
    125-Jon Morrison v. Jarrod Patterson-The two have split. Morrison won by a wider margin more recently. They both have some good wins. I think that my guy is a bit better offensively. Jarrods losses to Anthony Zanetta and Michael Martinez make me lean towards Morrison. Morrison did lose to Bartelli but that's his only glaring loss. He's also undefeated against Waters where Patterson has lost. I'll go w/ Morrison. 1-Vais
    133-Jordan Oliver v. Rollie Peterkin-Oliver by lots. 2 Vais
    141-Chris Diaz v. Jimmy Kennedy-Kennedy by lots and lots. 1 Gold
    149-Mario Mason v. Frank Molinaro-They've split this year and when Mario lost it was pretty controversial. That being said Mario has had some very strange losses. Edge Molinaro-2 Gold
    157-Jason Welch v. David Taylor-Umm..3-Gold
    165-Tyler Caldwell v. Andrew Howe-Well this is like asking last year Dustin Schlatter v. Justin Lister. You'd never pick Lister but when your knee is shredded and held together with masking tape you have to wonder. I'll give this one to Caldwell til Howe proves he's fine. Let's recall Howes coach was posting on the internet he was done for the year. 3-Vais.
    174-Ed Ruth v. Colby Covington-Ruth 4-Vais
    184-Grant Gambrall v. Chris Honeycutt-Honeycutt has had a great year, Grant...not so much. 4-Gold
    197-Clayton Foster v. Dustin Kilgore-Hard to compare the two but last year Clayton outplaced Killer at NCAAs. Since then Clayton has not lost. Kilgore lost to Byers and Burak this year which was somewhat puzzling. I like the undefeated guy who has placed higher than killer. 5-Vais.
    285-Zach Rey v. Tony Nelson-Well if Nelson had found a way to beat Blake Rasing I would have given Gold the edge, since he faltered I'll give the edge to Zach Rey. 6-Vais
    Flex-Burak/Lofthouse v. Hamlin-Hamlin is having a great year and is the favorite by far over my guy. 5-Gold

    6-5 Vais! If Howe comes back and is able to sustain he would swing things Golds way obviously.

    Gold has title contenders in Kennedy, Taylor, Honeycutt and Killer. I've got contenders in Oliver, Ruth, Foster and Rey.

    Note-My 5,000th post. How it worked out that it would be one where I describe my teams superiority to Golds is simply magical.
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    Default Re: NCAA Tournament Duals

    Patterson hasn't lost to Waters. Interestingly, I had thought that Morrison lost to him and then I checked their records the other day. I'd swear I remembered Waters beating one of them, but at least D1 does not have it listed.

    In addition to the four you listed, I'll throw in Frank as a guy who could wind up in the finals and win it. I wouldn't bet on it, but Caldwell not wrestling all season, then wrestling one weekend, then not wrestling for a month, then wrestling again, etc. has me seriously wondering wtf is going on with him. Dake will be a tough obstacle for Frank (presumably in the semifinals), but Frank could win that match or Donnie Vinson might send Dake packing right after weigh ins in the first round.

    Your handling of 165 is judicious enough for me.

    Also, maybe I'm getting greedy here, but Hamlin has as good of a chance of making the finals at 184 as pretty much everyone. Honeycutt is clearly the favorite right now because of the beating he laid on Bosak, but Hamlin can beat pretty much everyone................and occasionally lose to guys like Luke Rebertus.

    Quote Originally Posted by vaisforlovers View Post
    Who Will Win The NCAA Title At 197 Pounds?
    5. Dustin Kilgore-Kent State (Jr)
    Oh, the difference a few days makes.

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    Default Re: NCAA Tournament Duals

    The sting of the state tournament was still fresh when I made those picks and I wasn't thinking clearly. Clayton Foster will win 197 and the Hodge, and Gorrian.

    With Frank-At the beginning of the year I thought he had a chance but lately I just haven't been seeing it. Though to be honest it's not like DC or Dake have taken the bull by the horns. By that logic we could say Mario Mason has a great shot at the finals as well!

    It would seem that Hamlin has a chance at the finals but offensively I'd say he's just a bit too limited and I see him getting bounced in the quarters or so. 84 is anyones guess though.

    I thought you'd go nuts about my 165 assessment so for that I am proud of you.
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    Default Re: NCAA Tournament Duals

    Vais v. BuckV the spineless
    125-Jon Morrison v. Zach Sanders-Morrison won their only meeting and he was gassing and everything. 1-Vais.
    133-Jordan Oliver v. Ramos-Oliver champ, Ramos...not so much. 2-Vais
    141-Chris Diaz v. Mike Thorn-Thorn easily. 1-Buck
    149-Mario Mason v. Brian Stephens-Mason not only has better wins but he owns Brian Stephens. 3-Vais
    157-Jason Welch v. Steve Fittery-Fittery already devoured Welch. 2-Buckvader
    165-Tyler Caldwell v. Josh Asper-Caldwell has been much more consistent this year and beat Asper. 4-Vais
    174-Ed Ruth v. Glasser-hahahhahahha-Ed. 5-vais
    184-Grant Gambrall v. Rutt-Rutt by lots-3-buckv
    197-Clayton Foster v. Sonny Yohn-Foster owns Yohn and is better. 6-vais
    285-Zach Rey v. Trice-Rey has beaten Trice plenty of times-7-vais
    Flex- Lofthouse v. Sentes-Lofthouse and it's not close-8-Vais
    8-3 Vais

    Buck has title contenders in Fittery and Rutt.
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    Default Re: NCAA Tournament Duals

    Vaisforlovers v. Thaxton

    125-Jon Morrison v. Robles-Robles. 1 Thax
    133-Jordan Oliver v. Flint Ray-Oliver 1 VAis
    141-Chris diaz v. Kellen Russell-Oliver by lots.2 thax
    149-Mario Mason v. Torsten Gillespie-Definitely goin with Mason in the battle of the flakes. 2 vais
    157-Jason Welch v. Bryce Saddoris-Their only common opponent is Paul Young. Welch won handily and bryce split. I'll go with Jason. 3 Vais
    165-Tyler Caldwell v. Josh Asper-Caldwell has had a great year. He's got better wins as well. 4 vais
    174-Ed Ruth v. Mike Letts-Yeah Letts beat him, but since then Ed has been as impressive as anyone at any weight. Gotta go Ed. 5 Vais
    184-Grant Gambrall v. Kirk Smith-Smith more talented but injured. I'll be consistent and treat this one like i did howe v. caldwell with Gold. My guy gets the nod til Smith proves he has two working legs. 6 Vais.
    197 Clayton Foster v. Matt Powless-Yeah my backup beat your starter. Foster by lots. 7 Vais
    285-Zach Rey v. Ben Apland- Rey in a landslide. 8-Vais
    Flex-Luke Lofthouse v. ??Cocozzo? Heflin? Either way it's me. 9 Vais.

    9-2 Vais. I might have been greedy taking 49,57 and 65 but i think though it's by narrow margins my guys have proven to be better.

    Thaxton has title contenders with Robles, Russell, and only a healthy kirk smith(which probably doesn't exist)
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    Default Re: NCAA Tournament Duals

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    Default Re: NCAA Tournament Duals

    Even if i dont beat you 9-2. Worry not. I will beat you.
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    Default Re: NCAA Tournament Duals

    maybe. maybe not.

    either way you arent going to win

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