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Thread: NCAA Tournament Duals

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    Maybe maybe not. At least I'm in the discussion.
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    I'll do one that I'm in no way involved in but I will be an impartial judge here.

    Coming Soon: KR V. HERKEY!
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Herkey v. KR1963
    125-Brad Pataky v. Nic Bedelyon-The classic, I beat him but he's had a better year. Pataky did beat Bedelyon this year, but Brad has had losses to Boyle, and on the bum leg it makes me feel like Bedelyon is the better NCAA prospect. I still cant get the image of him TF'ing Jarrod Garnett out of my mind. This one goes to Bedelyon. 1-KR
    133-Andrew Hochstrasser v. Andrew Long-The battle of the Andy's. I'll go with the one that has punched cops less and has had a larger body of work at 133. 1-Herkey
    141-Montell Marion v. Cole Von Ohlen-Marion by lots and lots. 2 Herkey
    149-Jason Chamberlain v. Jamal Parks- Another case of one guy beats the other, but it really doesnt change my opinion. Chamberlain has shown me more and hasn't lost to the Brian Stephens' of the world. While neither has gotten it done at NCAA's. Parks has had better chances at this point and still hasnt finished inside top 8. Jamal being able to eek out a win against Chamberlain on his home mat doesnt do too much for me. 3 Herkey
    157-DSJ v. Nelson(or erisman, doesnt matter)-DSJ has looked like a man on a mission(no not the mormon one, wrong hawkeye) and Has notched better wins. DSJ by a good bit. 4 Herkey
    165-Ryan DesRoches v. Turtogtokh Luvsandorj-Well neither is that great and is going to make much noise. I'm not goin to look up their records and losses and just go with Luvsandorj because he's ranked higher. 2-KR1963
    174-Ethen Lofthouse v. Chris Henrich-Henrich by a whole lot. 3-KR1963
    184-Chris Perry v. Joe Leblanc. Leblanc by a whole lot, but who knows maybe Perry will live up to his name at some point. Beating Smith was a start. 4 KR1963
    197-Joe Kennedy v. Logan Brown-Well these are two guys really on a similar level. Kennedy has the best "win" since he just beat Burak. They have similar records and im unsure why kennedy is ranked so much lower than Brown. Going with my gut and calling it for Logan Brown but this is pretty dang close. 5 KR1963.
    Heavy-Clayton Jack v. Cam Wade-Never thought Wade was that amazing but I got to give credit where it's due. He's been better than Jack this year so I gotta give him the win. 6-KR1963.
    Flex Novachkov v. ??Scheidel?? Either way Boris by lots. 5-Herkey.

    So it's 6-5 in favor of KR. I will add that KR won a weight(65) where both guys are really weak and will probably have minimal bearing on how successful each team is. Similar story for 97.

    KR has title contenders in Long(not really), Leblanc, and Henrich(not really).
    Herkey has title contenders in Hochstrasser(not really), Novachkov, and Marion.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    I'm like Wisconsin. Good tournament team, not so much dual wise.

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