I'm pretty sure no one will be interested in this at all, but I'm bored so I'll do it anyway. I might revisit it after seeds come out for the various tournaments. Here is my lineup:

125: Jarrod Patterson (Big 12)
Patterson is pretty much dead even with Morrison, and Waters is right there, too. I think he winds up the top seed because he has just one conference loss and Morrison has two, but we'll see. Assuming he's the top seed, I think he has a 50% chance of winning, a 50% chance of taking second.
Projected Finish: 1.5

133: Rollie Peterkin (EIWA)
Ahh I don't know. I'm kind of worried about Rollie since his last two losses, both to EIWA opponents, have been "bad." 10-5 to Grey, 5-2 to the freshman Cagnina. Part of me thinks maybe he tweaked something and is hurting, because those margins are bigger than they should be. At this point in the year, the reason doesn't really matter though. I don't see him beating Grey after a 10-5 loss, and I give him 50/50 over Cagnina.
Projected Finish: 2.5

141: Cody Cleveland (SoCon)
Barring an aggravation to his injury, Cody should lay waste to the SoCon field.
Projected Finish: 1

149: Frank Molinaro (Big 10)

I don't see anyone in the Big Ten beating Fwankie either.
Projected Finish: 1

157: David Taylor (Big 10)
Probably bonuses everyone.
Projected Finish: 1

165: Andrew Howe (Big 10)
I'm not sure what to expect here. Donnie Pritzlaff says he looks awesome. Even if that's true, he's probably just a tweak away from being in serious pain. If he's even 80%, I like his chances to win the conference (though Sponseller might knock him off if he's just 80%). I'll say he has a 25% chance of winning it, 25% of taking second place, 25% third place, 25% fourth.
Projected Finish: 2.5

174: Colby Covington (Pac 10)
The only person with a shot of beating him is Amu, and I'll take Covington two times out of three against him.
Projected Finish: 1.33

184: Chris Honeycutt (EWL)
Max Thomusseit is the 2nd-best 184 in the league, and Honeycutt just majored him.
Projected Finish: 1

197: Dustin Kilgore (MAC)
The best anyone can hope to do is keep it to a decision, and no one has done that yet this year.
Projected Finish: 1

285: Tony Nelson (Big 10)
I'm thinking Nelson gets the #3 seed here, but it could easily be the 4-seed since he just lost to Rasing. That doesn't bode well for his chances of making the finals. Let's say there's a 50% chance he's the 3 seed, and I give him a 50% chance of beating whoever he faces in the semifinals. So that's a 25% chance he makes the finals. Then I'll say he beats Wade one time out of four (due to Wade's inconsistency and Nelson's ability to keep any match close). So, 6.25% chance he wins, 18.75% he takes second. I'll give it a 25% chance each that he takes 3rd, 4th, or 5th.
Projected Finish: 3.4375

Flex: Robert Hamlin (EIWA)

Hamlin, Bosak and Rebertus have a triangle of success. I have no idea who will be 1, 2, and 3 seed, so I'll say there's a even chance Hamlin gets each seed. I give him a 50% chance of beating either Rebertus or Bosak. So we'll say 1/3 chance he takes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, each.
Projected Finish: 2