Herkey's thread got me thinking and I think this is an interesting thing to discuss. Who were the best and worst picks of each round? Going into the year, I was kind of worried about the first round because I didn't think that there was a clear-cut favorite at any of the ten weights. That has proven true, so it's kind of hard to evaluate that first round for the worst wrestlers.

As a reminder, here are the draft results: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?...oL&hl=en#gid=1

1st Round:
Best: Jordan Burroughs
Burroughs is an easy pick in my mind. He puts up bonus points like Herkey picks up Iowa wrestlers, and I now consider him one of the three safest bets to win his weight class at NCAAs. I really don't know about the worst pick; none of them strike me as bad NCAA picks right now. Kilgore didn't produce the early-season pins that I expected him to, so I'm a little disappointed in him, but I'd still rather have him than any other 197.

2nd Round:
Best: Jordan Oliver
Worst: Chris Perry
No one has come close to beating Oliver this year, and he's already wrestled great competition. Taylor's bonus points may swing this my way once he faces Bubba, Hall, and Fittery. Perry simply has not come close to meeting expectations. I don't really understand it. In Herkey's thread I said Wright would be the second worst, but I think I might take that back and put Sanders in there. It's not that he's a terrible wrestler, but he's exactly what he has been the last two years, and I think that was rather to be expected.

3rd Round:
Best: Anthony Robles
Worst: Zach Bailey
I don't think Robles has a better shot at the title than Honeycutt, Leblanc, or Hall, but his bonus points set him apart. Winston also gets consideration for worst.

4th Round:
Best: Kevin Levalley
Worst: Torsten Gillespie
I give Levalley the nod over Foster because he has wrestled better competition. Gaethje and Lindsey are right behind Gillespie for the worst picks.

5th Round:
Best: DJ Russo
Worst: Justin Lister
None really jump out as me as the best picks here. Russo would, but he had a terrible Midlands performance. Cayle Byers has to get some consideration, as well. The worst is either Lister or Lane. Nauman hasn't met expectations.

I'll take a look at the other rounds later. What do you guys think?