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    I felt very good about my team for this week, until everyone else started posting their lineups and almost all their wrestlers at tournaments this week!!!

    I've got 2 guys I hate to let go in trade, but worry if I don't make a move I'll be left behind.

    149 Danny Zilverburg MN #19 by TOM this kid had a great freestyle season. He's the fourth ranked 149lber in the Big Ten and has a shot at being the #2 behind Molinaro at the end of the season.

    157 Jake Deichter MN Olympian, everyone know who Jake is. Was ranked in the top ten before the start of the season. We haven't seen him on the mats yet, he is recovering from concussion issues, and might be serving a suspensionn from the NCAA until Jan 1, 2011. I've heard he'll be ready for the National Duals Jan 8&9th. Jake is the real deal and will be in the hunt with Taylor, Spoonsiller, Young, Welch, and that Iowa guy at year end.

    Message me if you have any interest in any of these guys....I won't be asking for McD in trade...anything reasonable.

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