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Thread: Week 5 Lineups: 11/29- 12/5

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    Default Week 5 Lineups: 11/29- 12/5

    Have to do this today. The rest of the week i will be in the woods, sitting in a tree, freezing, holding a gun, hoping a deer walks by.

    125: Anthony Robles-3/4th CK Las Vegas Invite=tf5,dec,tf5,tf5,mdec,CHAMP=====32
    133: Ian Paddock- 3/4th CK Las Vegas Invite=fall,dec,mdec,medfft,mdec========20
    141: Kellen Russell- 3/4th CK Las Vegas Invite=mdec,dec,dec,fall,dec,CHAMP=====29
    149: Cory Jantzen- 3/4th CK Las Vegas Invite= tf5,fall,dec,dec,Runner-up=======22
    157: Bryce Saddoris- 3/4th CK Las Vegas Invite= dec,tf5,dec,medfft,dec,3rd=====17
    165: Justin Kerber- 3/4th CK Las Vegas Invite=mdec,dec,mdec,dec,Runner-up====19
    174: Mike Letts- 5th Penn St Open=tf5,
    184: Luke Rebertus- 3/4th CK Las Vegas Invite= mdec,dec,dec,dec============13
    197: Zac Thommuseit- 5th Penn St Open=
    285: Nathan Fernandez-3/4th CK Las Vegas Invite=mdec,dec,dec,dec,dec,CHAMP=27
    flex: Rick Alcala- 3/4th CK Las Vegas Invite= dec,dec======================6

    185 and counting!

    Should be a big week for everybody, good luck!
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