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Thread: To Keep Or Not To Keep: That is the Poll

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    Idea To Keep Or Not To Keep: That is the Poll

    This was one of the most discussed topics in the "Rule Modifications.." thread, and it was never really resolved. So, once and for all, we shall vote on this. I'm giving two options to simplify the process:

    NO: No Keeper.

    YES: We draft this year. If, in following years, you want to keep one (and only one) wrestler you drafted (and did not trade for or pick up out of free agency), you may keep that wrestler at the expense of his draft spot minus 2 rounds. For example, if someone were to draft Joe Schmoe in the 7th round this year, they would be able to keep him in lieu of their 5th round pick the following year, and the 3rd round after that, and the 1st round after that. Wrestlers originally drafted in the first or second rounds are not eligible to be kept from year to year.

    You must keep the wrestler on your roster the entire year if you want to keep him the following year.

    Because it's a significant change to how the league operates, I'll require 8 "YES" votes to change it.
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