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Thread: Fantasy League Alpha: The New Sheriff in Town; Draft Order included, Rules Edited

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    Default Fantasy League Alpha: The New Sheriff in Town; Draft Order included, Rules Edited

    1. Gold
    2. MatEater
    3. Herkey # 1
    4. Zapp Brannigan
    5. vaisforlovers
    6. sgallan
    7. Champ Kind
    9. tigerfan
    10. RD149-2
    11. architeuthis
    12. accboy

    The draft will start on 10/8. It will be in "snake" format, so accboy will pick last in round 1, but first in round 2.

    As of right now, we're planning on doing total points throughout the season, not head to head. If a majority prefers head to head, we can switch to that, although that will probably be more work. We're using, as of now, the same rules as the other league. I'm willing to listen to arguments for alterations.

    Here are the rules as of now:

    Finalized rules can be seen below...

    1. 12 teams in the league. 15 wrestlers per team. You'll start 11 wrestlers per week, one guy at each weight from 125-285 and then a "flex" guy from any weight you choose who will be eligible to score points at whatever weight he wrestles.

    As of right now returning owners will have the opportunity to keep one of their guys from last year. If they do this they'll basically sacrifice their first round pick as well as draft position. In the first round, all the non-keepers will pick. Then I'll distribute the kept guys to those who are keeping. Then I'll have the non-keepers pick again, only then will the keepers get to pick.

    If that makes some semblance of sense.

    2. There isn't going to be head to head during the regular season. The standings will go strictly by total points scored.

    The regular season will run up through Conferences. After Conferences the 4 highest scoring teams will advance to the finals during NCAA's, and we're also going to take two wild cards this year.

    These wild cards will be the two highest scoring teams during Conference week that wouldn't already be going to the next round anyway. Come NCAA's I'll wipe the scores clean and it'll be a 6 way scramble for the championship.

    3. 3 points for a decision, 4 for a major, 5 for a tech, and 6 for a pin. This season we'll be doing away with the bonus for beating a #1 guy as it was too hard to keep track of.

    4. All team dual meets will count as scoring events, as will the main event of the All Star meet. The Kauffman Brand, Vegas, Reno, Midlands, and Scuffle tournaments will return this year as scoring events.

    This year we'll be adding the Penn State Open, the Michigan State Open, the Body Bar Invitational, the PSAC's, the NC State Open, the Navy Classic, and the Fullerton Open tournaments.

    5. As a method of dealing with the "third place guy scores more than the champ" problem that we had with some tournaments last year, for the five returning tournaments the 1st, and 2nd place finishers will get 10 and 5 bonus points respectively.

    6. Speaking of bonus points, during conference week you'll get 16 bonus points for a conference champion, and 12 for a runner up. During NCAA's your wrestler's placement points will count as bonus.

    7. Trades are permitted pending my approval, as well as free agency.

    8. You are required to have your roster put in by Sunday of every week. You can set it earlier if you'd like. Your points will be totalled for your selected wrestlers for that week, and then added to your total point total.

    9. Official Rule. You have 3 hours from the time of the pick before you to make your pick. If not, the person after you is free to make their pick, and so on and so forth. You may make your missed pick at any time, but you are missing out wrestlers.

    Further, official time limits will only apply between 10 am and 10 pm. If your pick is scheduled outside of those hours, you may make that pick, but no time limit will start on the next league member until the official opening.

    Ex: If sgallan makes his pick at 8:30 pm, then Champ Kind is not required to make his pick by 11:30 pm, but by 12:30 pm (just after midday) on the next draft day. 1 1/2 hours from the night before WILL count on your time limit. However, Champ is free to make his pick at any time, say at 1:30 am. Then, may make his pick at any time before 10 am, or he has until 1:00 pm on the next day.
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