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Thread: 2009-2010 Final Results: All Hail Herkey#1

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    Default 2009-2010 Final Results: All Hail Herkey#1

    Distinguished Gentlemen of Contest,

    The 2009-2010 fantasy wrestling season has been a blast, but has come to a close. Most of us had up-and-down seasons, and the last few spots for the playoffs were hotly contested. From the perspective of a commissioner, it's been a lot of work. More so than I expected, and I'm sorry if I haven't always been as timely as you (and I) would have liked. However, one thing is quite certain: I wouldn't have gotten anything done nearly as quickly, and things wouldn't have ran nearly as smoothly if it weren't for the help of several people. I'll take time to thank those people now.

    Thanks to:
    • R.payton for helping keep the draft running smoothly, helping keep the rosters up-to-date, and helping keep track of the free agency. Without him, I would have gotten way behind on all the record keeping and it would probably be a mess.
    • Gobigred and kr1963 for doing all of the scores for the last couple months. This was a HUGE help. I don't think you can fully appreciate how much of a pain it is to look up all the scores by yourself until you've done it. I learned to dread scoring early in the year, but GBR and KR stepped up big time in the end and split the scores each week. Saved me many hours.
    • Vaisforlovers for helping keep the draft running smoothly. The draft is a crazy time, and I wasn't always able to text people when it was their turn to pick. Vais picked up my slack to keep it going.
    • Zapp Brannigan probably hasn't posted over here all year, but I'd like to give him a thanks and shout out. Zapp was the guy who decided to start this league and was our commish last year. Several parts of our league (most notably the free agency) were new ideas that were not copied from JensenS's league. Things got rocky at times (just as they did this year), but ultimately he blazed this trail and I learned a lot from last year. Thanks Zapp.
    • JensenS obviously started fantasy wrestling here at TWT, and a lot of our league is originally based off his league. I looked at their rules for a few different things when I was writing ours in the fall, and he introduced me to the NWCA College Scorebook, which made scoring much easier (though still a dreadful task).

    Those are the "Special Thanks," but the thing that makes fantasy wrestling fun is active members. Thanks to everyone who took time to post a lineup each week, participated in auxilliary discussions, talked a little smack, or participated when we discussed the rules.

    Now, for the results...

    1. Herkey#1: 153.5
      The man was the favorite coming in, but I think he did far better than anyone thought anyone would do this weekend. 6 finalists?? Craziness. He even outdid r.payton in the other league, and Russ's team was incredibly stacked. Congrats Herkey.
    2. vaisforlovers: 121.5
      He cheated, and that's the only reason he got this high of a score. By the way, yes, this includes your 3 points bonus for Ness taking OW.
    3. GAGE: 107
      UGLY drafted a good team with several guys I'd never heard of. Those guys ended up being pretty good, and got him some big points. Gage took over midseason, and his persistence landed him a very good performance at NCAAs.
    4. Gold: 97.5
      Sigh... Not exactly what I'd had in mind. As I look back, I probably would have been better off if I'd never traded. I drafted Varner, Palmer, and Vallimont, and I picked McDonough up out of the free agency. That's 4 finalists. I had high hopes for all of them, but I traded Palmer, Vallimont, and McDonough at various times to strengthen weak spots in my lineup. Anyway, that's 2 years in a row I've drafted 4 finalists, and next year will be no worse!
    5. thaxton: 83
      The man had a great team that scored him boatloads of points in the regular season, but they underperformed at NCAAs. A fine season, nonetheless.
    6. gobigred: 81.5
      After the draft, GBR's lineup looked like quite formidable--perhaps the best of anyone's. Then injuries came along and wiped out his first 2 picks: Jordan Burroughs and Nick Gallick. Not many teams could withstand that type of a blow, but he still managed to have a pretty good season and make the playoffs. Hopefully his luck improves next year.

    In addition to the 6 playoff qualifiers, KR and accboy also submitted lineups to be scored. Both of them did pretty well. Accboy got 109 to beat out GAGE, and kr1963 netted 99 to edge me.

    I did a "live" scoring during the tournament, and then tabulated the official scores based on the brackets and this spreadsheet. The bracket results and spreadsheet results don't match up perfectly in some cases, but I don't think it was ever more than a point difference for anyone's total score, and it doesn't affect the final standings.

    Anyways, that's about all I've got for now. Thanks again to everyone I listed above. Congrats to Herkey. To the rest of us, better luck next year!

    Thanks for a fine season,

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