Let's see how we stack up
Me v. Herkey(in my opinion the 2 best teams)
125 Robles v. Mcd-both big time bonus getters, slight edge mcd
133 ness v. novach-massive advantage me, though novachkof should aa
141 Marion v. Krom-advantage me, although 141 will be a crazy weight so who knows what will happen
149-Metcalf v. Rushcell-Advantage Herk, Metcalf will win, rushell will get 2-5th
157-Hall v. Pami-Advantage me, hall been better all year
165 Meade v. Reader advantage herkey, Loaded weight though, I hink they both aa, but reader aint makin finals
174-Lewnes v. Borshel-Not getting into this again, see you in finals-draw
184 Keddy v. Smith-advantage Herkey-smith has been better all year, though I like keddy in a rematch
197 Hudson v. Bond? Massive advantage me
285 Tomei v. Erekson-Advantage Herkey, but no telling w/ heavyweight
Flex Steele/Erisman v. Diaz?-advantage me

So I score it Herkey 5, Me 5, and 174 final for the ages.

Not tryin to be a trash talker but i dont see Thaxton, Gold, GBR or Gage hanging with us. Someone else want to provide breakdowns go for it, but that's just what I see w/ the eyeball test.