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Thread: The Official "Woe is Me" Thread

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    Thumbs Up! The Official "Woe is Me" Thread

    Welcome. Consider this a place where, among friends, we hope you'll feel comfortable and safe to discuss all the ways you have been emotionally abused by your fantasy team. Through opening up and group therapy, we will all heal together. I'll start it off.

    My name is Gold, and I'd like to express my displeasure with my heavyweight corps. Allow me to explain.

    1) I drafted Dudziak in the 3rd round, which I think was a decent time to pick him. I know Duke doesn't have a great schedule, but when they do wrestle, they face easy opponents, he was a lock for conference champ, scheduled for the Scuffle, etc. Not to mention he's a returning NCAA finalist and had as good of a shot as anyone to win it this year as anyone. Well... We all know what has happened with Dudziak, and the "Dud" has wrestled all of ONE scored matches for me this year.

    2) After it was discovered that Dudziak's future was in question, I felt the need to pick up a heavyweight to score me some points. After considering a lot of options, I settled on David Wade from Eastern Michigan. He's probably not going to be a conference chance, but he was scheduled for a boatload of January/February duals against a bunch of people he should have no trouble beating (out of 17 Jan/Feb duals, I would favor him in all but 3 or 4). Around this time, apparently his coaches decided that he should start splitting the starts with another guy, so Wade only got half of those matches tops.

    3) I made a trade for Monteiro. The jury is still out on this move. He has a decent shot to win the PAC 10, but he has missed some time since I picked him up due to injuries.

    Altogether, I think I've gotten about 25 points from my heavyweight spot this year. How pathetic is that? Someone please send me some tissues...
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