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    Default Week 8 Scores

    Cumulative Scores:
    thaxton: 552
    kr1963: 496
    Herkey#1: 490
    GAGE: 466
    tigerfan: 463
    Gold: 455
    therick: 413
    gobigred: 404
    accboy: 387
    vaisforlovers: 382
    RD149-2: 346
    sgallan: 255

    Week 8 Scores:
    Gold: 101
    thaxton: 101
    GAGE: 89
    Herkey#1: 74
    RD149-2: 56
    kr1963: 54
    gobigred: 51
    tigerfan: 49
    therick: 40
    vaisforlovers: 36
    sgallan: 25
    accboy: 22

    Sorry this is so late. Well, I'm finally back in it--at least it appears that way until I take a closer look at the scores from Midlands/Scuffle week (which just ended a couple hours ago, so get off my case). I'm pretty sure there we no matches in Week 9, so this puts us up to date.

    If we awarded bonus points for the Reno ToC, I would have really closed the gap (I had 3 champs and a runner up). I vote for awarding bonus in that tournament next year--it was probably tougher than the Scuffle and more difficult that Midlands or Vegas at some weights. I became aware that the other league decided to score bonus for Reno, but which tourneys get bonus isn't something that should change at this point.

    This brings me to my next point. As I was reviewing my chances of making the playoffs, I remembered something that we did last year that I forgot to put in the rules this year. Last year, the guy who scored the most points in conference week (but would not have otherwise placed high enough in the cumulative standings to make the playoffs) earned an at-large bid to the playoffs.

    Like I said, I forgot about the rule when writing them, so it's not in the rules right now. So, I leave this to you guys. Discuss, and if there is significant interest, we will put it to vote.
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