Starting this thread, hoping it sticks.

Even though Purdue still has the Old Dominion Duals coming up this week, i gotta give the first weekly Thaxton team OW to.....

Luke Manuel!

Luke had a tough SV loss to Covington in the round of 16 at midlands, but stormed back winning 6 matches in a row in the consi's. including wins over Blanton, Hamlin, Henderson, and avenged his loss from Covington in the 3rd place match. Manuel racked up 23 fantasy pts, and still has 3 duals at ODU!

Now on a normal week this prestigious award would go to Nate Everhart who got wins over birchler, and steele, won the scuffle, and has a dual on the 2nd, but i have to believe Manuel will end up with more points after The ODU duals.

Who is your teams Outstanding wrestler of the week?