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Discuss Week 2 Scores at the Fantasy League Gold within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by Gold Thanks, Russ. I changed it, but I'm still not sure how ...
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    Default Re: Week 2 Scores

    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    Thanks, Russ. I changed it, but I'm still not sure how I'm going to know every time results are missing. I'm very open to suggestions. As a safeguard, everyone should check their scores every week to make sure I don't miss anything.
    Gold -
    What I do if i have to chase down a score is go to DIV.1wrestling -hit links -look at the wrestler's schools homepage and go to schedules and results -it takes a bit of time but I usually can find the results .
    Like yesterday the scorebook had the rersults of Drexel Pit but not Pitt/Sacred Heart so I had to search but foung my back up 184 scored a major and a fft .10 points .
    I have numerous tricks that take too long to type -so just let me know .Russ

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    Default Re: Week 2 Scores

    If you're looking in the Intermat scorebook don't search by wrestler. Search by school.

    So in the Shuster example that you brought up for me, find Kent State's results and then find Shuster there. Don't just search directly for Shuster.

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    You have me down as zero but I had Alex Krom & he had a tech fall & major. So thats 9 points you missed on me.

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