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Thread: Week 2: 11/2-11/8 (Post Lineups Here)

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    Default Re: Week 2: 11/2-11/8 (Post Lineups Here)

    I will acc. Also, I'm accepting what Russ posted this time, but in the future everyone needs to be running his own team.

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    Default Re: Week 2: 11/2-11/8 (Post Lineups Here)

    Quote Originally Posted by gobigred View Post
    I'll certainly be on the lookout for the scores and let the scorekeepers know if this happens. Not trying to make anyone's life difficult. But it was in the rules and if I have a guy like James Nicholson at the Hokie Open (which doesn't count) where guys like Garnett from Va Tech, a ranked wrestler, will be competing, why wouldn't I try to maximize my points?
    Oh I understand your rationale and you did the correct thing I'm just sympathizing for the score keepers and the extra threads created from HEY YOU MISSED MY POINTS

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    Default Re: Week 2: 11/2-11/8 (Post Lineups Here)

    Why do you keep saying scorekeepers ? As in plural ? Does Gold have a mouse in his pocket ?

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