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    Default Fantasy Duals

    These can be interesting. Because of the hatred he caused to well up in my soul during the draft, I will start by matching myself against RD149-2.

    125: Bonnano dec. Pataky (3-0)
    This is really a tossup and Pataky might very well win it. However, I gave my guy the victory based on their lone match last year, which Bonnano won in OT.

    133: Hochstrasser dec. Mitcheff (3-3)
    Probably by 4-5 points.

    141: Humphrey maj. Mangrum (3-7)
    I would have started Garrett Scott here, but apparently he is going 149. I think Mangrum could make some noise this year, but he hasn't proven anything yet, and Hump is my pick to win it all.

    149: Palmer dec. Borshoff (6-7)
    If Lance stayed aggressive the whole time, he might be able to major him. That's not really how Lance does it, though. He would probably get 1 or 2 take downs and ride very hard for a 5-0 victory.

    157: Sanderson dec. Nemec (9-7)
    I actually hope Nemec has a great year and wins this type of match, but I've got to go with the more experienced, proven guy at this point.

    165: Vallimont dec. Meade (12-7)
    In most years, Meade would be a good candidate to AA as a freshman. At 165 this year, there are about 10 guys he may have a very hard time beating. Vallimont is one of them.

    174: Miller dec. Erwin (12-10)
    This is a "rivalry on paper" that has been going on since their early years of HS--everyone always wondered who the better one was. Erwin actually won the only time they have met, which was 2 years ago. I like them both a lot, and I'm hoping Erwin has the AA year that Quentin Wright had during Erwin's injury last year. For now, it's hard to argue with the returning runner-up.

    184: Kilgore dec. Foster (12-13)
    It's hard to know what to expect from Foster, who is dropping down from 197 this year. If he has no energy, Kilgore will probably major him.

    197: Varner pin Starks (18-13)
    This should at least be a major, but I think Varner would maul him.

    285: Dudziak dec. Monteiro (21-13)
    Dudziak deserves respect as a returning finalist. Monteiro had a real hot Vegas tourney last year, so he might be able to pull off the upset.

    Yayyyyy I win.
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