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Thread: Free Agency/Waivers

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    Default Free Agency/Waivers

    Free Agency/Waiver Rules
    Each owner can claim up to 10 wrestlers from free agency/waivers throughout the season. In order to do so, the owner must drop another wrestler from his roster. Claims are placed by posting them here.
    i) Free Agency. Any wrestler not on a roster or waivers (see below) is a free agent. A free agent may be claimed at any time on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    ii) Waivers. Whenever an owner drops a wrestler from his roster, that wrestler will be placed on waivers for 3 days. At the end of this period, whichever owner who wants the wrestler and has the highest waiver priority will "win" the wrestler. This owner will then move to the bottom of the waiver priority list. Initially, the waiver priority order will be the reverse of the draft order (aka reverse alphabetical order). If no one claims the wrestler in the waiver period, the wrestler will fall into the free agency pool.

    The current waiver priority list can be seen below. The owner at the top has "first dibs." Each owner's remaining number of remaining pickups is listed in parentheses.

    sgallan (7)
    thaxton (1)
    RD149-2 (7)
    therick (7)
    tigerfan (1)
    GAGE- (1)
    kr1963 (0)
    accboy (2)
    Gold (0)
    gobigred (1)
    Herkey #1 (1)
    vaisforlovers (1)

    Wrestlers Currently on Waivers (Date They Clear Waivers):
    Trevor Melde (2/8)Ben Berhow
    Joe Budi,Joe slaton ,Cole Schmitt/ Patrovich/,Rebertus/Starks 2/2Kerber (26)
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    Default Re: Free Agency/Waivers

    Free Agent/Waiver Transaction Log:

    Drop Eloheim Palma, Add Kyle Dake (10/26)
    Drop David Marone, Add Josh Arnone (11/9)
    Drop Josh Arnone, Add Elohim Palma NC State
    Drop Kellen Russell, Add Darrius Little NC State
    Drop David Greenwald, Add Steve Fittery American.(12/10)
    Drop Darrius Little /ADD ?? Shuth (1/15)
    Drop Patrovich Add Spellman-(1/30)
    Drop-Drop Rebertus/add Spellman (1/30)
    Drop Trent Washington, Add Ivan Lopuchanski (12/24)
    Drop Nathen Fernandez (12/24), ADD Ryan Tomeii (12/24)
    Drop Tyler Sorenson, Add Steve Bosak (12/26)
    Drop LOW, Add Biondo (12/28)
    Drop Sonny Yohn, Add Shane Vernon (1/4)
    Drop Ivan Lopuchanski, Add Flint Ray (1/10)
    Drop Shane Riccio// ADD/ Scott Glasser (1/24)
    Drop Tucker Lane //ADD / Dustin Porter (1/29)
    Drop Albert White, Add Nick Nelson (10/19)
    Drop Steve Mytych, Add Lamar Brown (11/14)
    Drop Nick Nelson, Add Derek Valenti (11/20)
    Drop Mike Galante, Add Peter Yates (11/30)
    Drop Peter Yates, Add Nick Amuchastegui (12/5)
    Drop Lamar Brown, Add Nick Stabile (12/13)
    Drop Nick Stabile, Add Thomas Scotten (12/21)
    Drop Jordan Burroughs, Add Shane Onufer (1/9)
    Drop Justin Kerber, Add Barrett Abel (1/10)
    Drop Nick Gallick, Add Josh Asper (1/29)
    Drop Garrett Scott, Add Kevin Smith (11/4)
    Drop Dave Erwin, Add Pat McLemore (11/15)
    Drop Kevin Smith, Add Matt McDonough (11/7)
    Drop Nikko Triggas, Add Steve Mytych (11/17)
    Drop Tommy Spellman, Add Kevin Smith (11/21)
    Drop Dave Rella, Add Ben Bennett (11/28)
    Drop Mike Mangrum, Add Dave Erwin (12/8)
    Drop Steve Bonanno, Add Jason Lara (12/18)
    Drop Kevin Smith, Add David Wade (1/4)
    Drop Clayton Foster, Add Jerome Ward (1/10)

    Drop Clayton Jack, Add Joe Slaton (10/14)
    Drop Blake Raising, Add Clayton Jack (11/10)
    Drop Matt Casperson, Add Mike Mangrum
    Drop Dan LeClere, Add Chris Diaz (1/7)
    Drop Brent Jones, Add Eric Scuth (1/18)
    Drop Michael Mangrum, Add Dan Leclere (1/10)
    Drop Joe Slaton / Add Justin Kerber (1/29)
    ==ADD-Erik Nye-(2/8)
    Drop Matt Coughlin, Add John Dergo (10/31)
    Drop Jerome Ward, Add Tristan DeShazer (11/2)
    Drop Patrick Bond, Add Matt Ortega (11/15)
    Drop Bubba Jenkins, Add Levi Jones (12/3)
    Drop Jake Deitchler, Add Keegan Davis (12/3)
    Drop Tristen DeShazer, Add Nick Corpe
    Drop Matt Ortega, Add Colby Covington (12/13)
    Drop Jimmy Kennedy, Add Billy Ashnault 1/4
    Drop Trevor Perry , Add Odie Delaney (1/12)

    Drop Tony Jameson, Add Casey Thome (11/6)
    Drop Casey Thome, Add Riley Orozco (12/1)
    Drop Mallie Schuster, Add Tyler Grayson (1/14)

    Drop Rollie Peterkin, Add Ross Gitomer (11/1)
    Drop Cesar Grajales, Add Mike Kessler (11/26)
    Drop Mike Kessler, Add Juan Archeleta (12/12)

    Drop Austin Trotman, Add Daryl Cocozzo (10/19)
    Drop Cayle Byers, Add Logan Brown (10/29)
    Drop Daryll Cocozzo, Add Elijah Nacita (11/4)
    Drop Matt Cathell, Add Desi Green (11/18)
    Drop Desi Green, Add RJ Pena (12/12)
    Drop Elijah Nacita, Add Zack Bailey (12/21)
    Drop Mario Mason, Add Donnie Vinson (1/4)
    Drop Richard Starks ADD Cesar Grajales (2/2)
    Drop Trevor Melde Add Germaine Lindsay (2/4)


    Drop Brian Roddy, Add Kyle Hutter (10/23)
    Drop Kyle Hutter, Add Andrew Long (11/14)
    Drop Nic Bedelyon, Add Albert White (11/14)

    Drop Dorian Henderson, Add Todd Schavrien (11/2)
    Drop Conor Beebe, Add Jimmy Conroy (11/4)
    Drop Josh Arnone, Add Peter Yates (11/6)
    Drop Pete Yates, Add Dorian Henderson (11/17)
    Drop Nick Stabile, Add Brad Wisdom (11/17)
    Drop Jimmy Conroy, Add Brent Haynes (11/23)
    Drop Michael Chaires, Add Joe Budi (11/27)
    Drop Donnie Vinson, Add Tony D'alie (12/15)
    Drop Joe budi/ Add Tucker Lane (1/29)
    ==DROP Ben Berhow (2/8)
    Drop Desi Green, Add Shane Onufer (11/15)
    Drop Shane Onufer, Add Matt Cathell (11/21)
    Drop Christian Brantley, Add Jake Deitchler (12/24)
    Drop Chris Diaz, Add Brandon Precin (12/26)
    Drop Precin, Add Pete Yates VT (12/28)
    Drop Jake Deitchler, Add Torsten Gillespie (1/4)
    Drop Pete Yates, Add Cole Shmitt (1/10)
    Drop Torsten Gillespie Add/Frankie Gayeskie
    Drop Cole Schmitt -Add/Rick Schmulyen (1/29)
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    Default Re: Free Agency/Waivers

    I'll drop Clayton Jack and take Joe Slaton. I want that 141 spot at Iowa.

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    Default Re: Free Agency/Waivers

    Gold...How do we claim a wrestler off waivers. Do we just post out in the open where everyone can see, or do we pm you so there is a little secrecy to our strategy?

    note...there is no secrecy to my strategy. GO HAWKS!

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    Default Re: Free Agency/Waivers

    You can PM me if you want. Or if you don't care about secrecy, it would be easier if you just post them on here.

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    Default Re: Free Agency/Waivers

    Ok, I have no interest in Herkeys 4th 141 pounder, but what would have to happen that slaton wouldnt clear waivers? Like say I did actually want him, what happens then?
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: Free Agency/Waivers

    I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. A wrestler gets placed on waivers for 3 days once he is dropped from an owner's roster. Right now, there is only 1 wrestler on waivers: Clayton Jack.

    Slaton was not on waivers because he was never on anyone's roster.

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    Default Re: Free Agency/Waivers

    Ok, i read your rules and I think I get it. I think I'll wait and let guys wrestle before i pick anyone up.
    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Default Re: Free Agency/Waivers

    thaxton drops Trotman, adds Daryl Cocozzo

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