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    Default Free Agency/Waivers

    Free Agency/Waiver Rules
    Each owner can claim up to 10 wrestlers from free agency/waivers throughout the season. In order to do so, the owner must drop another wrestler from his roster. Claims are placed by posting them here.
    i) Free Agency. Any wrestler not on a roster or waivers (see below) is a free agent. A free agent may be claimed at any time on a first-come, first-serve basis.
    ii) Waivers. Whenever an owner drops a wrestler from his roster, that wrestler will be placed on waivers for 3 days. At the end of this period, whichever owner who wants the wrestler and has the highest waiver priority will "win" the wrestler. This owner will then move to the bottom of the waiver priority list. Initially, the waiver priority order will be the reverse of the draft order (aka reverse alphabetical order). If no one claims the wrestler in the waiver period, the wrestler will fall into the free agency pool.

    The current waiver priority list can be seen below. The owner at the top has "first dibs." Each owner's remaining number of remaining pickups is listed in parentheses.

    sgallan (7)
    thaxton (1)
    RD149-2 (7)
    therick (7)
    tigerfan (1)
    GAGE- (1)
    kr1963 (0)
    accboy (2)
    Gold (0)
    gobigred (1)
    Herkey #1 (1)
    vaisforlovers (1)

    Wrestlers Currently on Waivers (Date They Clear Waivers):
    Trevor Melde (2/8)Ben Berhow
    Joe Budi,Joe slaton ,Cole Schmitt/ Patrovich/,Rebertus/Starks 2/2Kerber (26)
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