125- Chris Notte, OkSt and Conor Beebe, CMU

Notte's dropping down from 133, ranked #1 in the Big12 preseason. Beebe is also dropping down from 133, ranked #2 in the MAC.

133 - Jordan Oliver, OkSt

Oliver's potential is obvious, but as of now he's ranked behind Fanthorpe and Schavrien in the Big12.

141- Mike Thorn, MN

Thorn has shown he can be competitive with the best at this weight. I think he'll be more consistent this year and firmly establish himself as one of the top 8. As of now ranked only #5 in Big10.

149- Donnie Vinson, Binghamton and Nick Stabile, UNC

Vinson is ranked #3 in the CAA, but after a stellar RS, I expect he'll be the man to beat. Stabile had 27 wins last year and is ranked #1 in the ACC.

157- JP O'Connor, Harvard

O'Connor failed to AA last year in the brutal 157 class, but it clears out this year and O'Connor is ranked #1 in the EIWA and #4 in the country.

165- Nick Marable, MO and Michael Chaires, UVA

Marable, 2-time Big12 Champ and ranked #7, will be on the podium, question is will it be the top step? Chaires is ranked #2 in the ACC and has a great training situation, I think he'll improve tremendously.

174- Mike Letts, Maryland and Dorian Henderson, MO

Letts is #1 in the ACC and #6 nationally. Henderson is ranked #20, but with Pell back in Columbia, I expect big things from this youngster.

184- Max Askren, MO

I've been saying he should have been 184 all along, so now Max gets to prove it. No reason to doubt a top 3 finish.

197- Hudson Taylor, Maryland

Taylor's been 3rd the last 2 years and a dangerous pinner. If he stays consistent, could find himself in the finals.

Hwt- Christian Brantley, UNI and Josh Arnone, Cornell

Brantley's only a Soph, and will win the WWC with ease. Arnone is a big question mark, but he's ranked #2 in the EIWA already and could prove the surprise of the season.

Overall, I see AA's at 133,157,165,174,184,197 very likely. 141 and Hwt are possible, 125 and 149 would be pleasant surprises. Not as strong as last year's team, but more upside potential. Let's get it on!