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    In order to prevent anyone from making costly draft errors, lets try to summarize the important tidbits of info at this point.

    Quentin Wright is rs
    Darrion Caldwell is rs
    Max Askren is moving to 184
    Michael Cannon is moving to 184
    Jimmy Kennedy is moving to 141, is he rs?
    Jason Welch is rs
    Bubba Jenkins is rs?
    Stephen Dwyer is moving to 174
    Is Kirk Smith rs?
    Mack Lewnes is moving to 174
    Justin Kerber is moving to 165
    Josh Arnone is moving to HWT
    Is Frank Molinaro moving to 149?
    Dustin Schlatter is moving to 165
    Chris Notte is moving to 125
    Clayton Foster is moving to 184
    Ryan Flores and Corey Jantzen are taking an "Ivy shirt" year
    Bryce Saddoris is apparently moving to 157

    If you can answer any of the above questions, or have other relevant info, please post it. Someone who wastes a high draft pick on bad info usually loses interest in the league, thus making it less fun for everybody.
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